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    Friedrich Zelnik, Die Weber, Stummfilm 1927 Das Blutgericht
    by Tom Keller (in German)

    Eine kriminelle Fortsetzungsgeschichte in 8 Teilen, die zeigt, dass Volksmusik nicht todlangweilig ist; Volksmusik ist im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes tödlich!

    The Decameron The Decameron (Tale IV, 1)
    by Giovanni Boccaccio (in English)

    The tale of the Prince of Salerno who kills his daughter's lover and sends her the dead man's heart became the model for Child ballad #269, Lady Diamond or Lady Dysie.

    Fiddlin' Devil The Devil's Dictionary
    by Ambrose Bierce (in English & German)

    The Devil's Dictionary was begun in a weekly paper in 1881. Many of its definitions, anecdotes, phrases and so forth, had become more or less current in popular speech.

    The Battle of Culloden 1745 The Quarrel in Balquhidder
    by Robert Louis Stevenson (in English)

    When Alan Breck Stewart and Robin Oig MacGregor met at Balquhidder, a duel seemed inevitable, wasn't it for the bagpipes ...

    Session @ Slattery's Pub, Dublin Session
    by Mick Fitzgerald (in English & German)

    Mick Fitzgerald delights us with a short story about The Session, this informal gathering of musicians that keeps traditional Irish music alive and kicking.

    Tam O' Shanter Alloway Kirk Tam O' Shanter
    by Robert Burns (in Scots-English & German)

    Lets get into the 250th anniversary of Robert Burns' birth with his epic tale of magic and witchcraft, good and evil, alcohol and sexual relations.

    Thyl Ulenspiegel Ulenspiegel
    by Charles de Coster (in German)

    Die Legende und die heldenhaften, fröhlichen und ruhmreichen Abenteuer von Ulenspiegel und Lamme Goedzak im flandrischen Lande und anderswo.

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