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Cynthia Abraham "Regarder Danser", "Misyé Mendé", "En rond" (Video, 2021/2022). "Composer, singer and musician, Cynthia Abraham deploys a unique palette. We perceive the rhythms of her ancestors carried by the drum ka of Guadeloupe, the fruit of his musical passions, from the elegant jazz of the French vocal ensemble Double Six to the sensual and Latin dances, passing by the songs of Métis identities. Cynthia plays with the meaning and sounds of words. In French, English and of course in Creole, but also in South African Xhosa, Russian or Brazilian Portuguese. She sings like no other, but also breathes a vital breath through her transverse flute and builds a perfect balance with the help of her percussions. Cynthia Abraham released her second solo album “Unisson” in October 2021, a collection of chiseled original compositions and Russian and South African songs that have fueled her artistic journey." Benjamin Minimum Watch "Regarder Danser", "Misyé Mendé" & "En rond"!

The Accidentals "Time Out Session #2" (EP, Own label, 2022). Described by Rolling Stone as "a mission statement for uniting a busted America," Time Out Session #1 garnered success on the charts - including the song "Wildfire," a collaboration with Kim Richey, reaching No. 1 Song of the Year on Folk Radio. Now The Accidentals (Sav Buist, Katie Larson, Michael Dause) are proud to unravel the sequel to the Time Out Project - a series of EPs featuring co-writes with legendary songwriters: Time Out Session #2!

Ana Alcaide "Yezemi", "Atashe deli", "Ecstasi" (Single/Video, 2021/2022). These are the latest releases from Ana Alcaide's[42] new album ‘RITUAL,’ a hymn to the power of connection through the act of daily rituals inspired by her encounter with Iranian singer Reza Shayesteh and Persian poetry. "Yezemi" is sung in an invented language. "Atashe deli" is one of the most thoughtful and introspective tracks of the album. "Ecstasi" is a euphoric song about movement filmed in the streets of Toledo.

Antichrisis "Living With You On Top Of The Mountain", "The Lineman's Call", "Ghosts" (Digital Track, 2021). Antichrisis is a German duo consisting of Sid & Ayuma from Nuremberg. Their music is a melting pot of Pop, Rock, Irish Folk, Electronica, Dark Wave, Alternative, Indie, Dancefloor, Post Punk, Metal, Gothic ... hence you might have to find out for yourself what Antichrisis is all about. Antichrisis just released "Living With You On Top Of The Mountain", "The Lineman's Call" & "Ghosts"!

John Aulabaugh "Sweet As You" (CD, Own label, 2021). Based in Champaign, Illinois, singer-songwriter John Aulabaugh spent 20 years in corporate America before choosing a different path at the age of 50 and a renewed sense of purpose. His debut solo album, "Of Sins Present And Past", spent 20 weeks on the US Americana chart in 2015. You experience all the enforced challenges we’ve seen during 2020 and 2021 on his latest album, "Sweet As You", life in all its harsh glories, wrapped in a sound that mixes light and shade.

Aisha Badru "Home" (Video, 2021). Indie-folk artist Aisha Badru once found herself to be a restless world-traveller, always looking for the next place to be. These days she lives contentedly in her house outside of Orlando, Florida, with her partner and twin toddlers. Through the experience of planting her own roots, The Way Back Home EP was born:[76] “When I was younger, I really needed to leave home. I moved away. I was always trying to find something better. All the things I needed to learn, I ran away from.” This narrative continues through her new single “Home”!

Badume's Band & Selamnesh Zéméné "Yaho Bele / Say Yeah" (CD, Innacor, 2021). Since 2007, Badume’s Band from France revisits the golden age of 1970 Ethiopian music. Now young Azmari singer Selamnesh Zéméné makes the whole Addis Ababa dance. Together they embody not just the past but also a future for urban Ethiopian music. Watch Badume's Band & Selamnesh Zemene live @ Malguenac 2021; several European festival appearances throughout 2022 are in the can!

Stefanos Barbalias "Shark in a Pool" (EP, Own label, 2022). Born and raised in Athens, Stefanos Barbalias has worked extensively across Europe as a sound designer and composer, and also spent several years playing piano with folk-rock group Cook and the Case in London. Now, with his new three song EP, ‘Shark In A Pool’, he is making his first foray into solo artistry. Intimately composed and passionately performed sparse instrumentals and deeply poetic lyrics. Watch "Holocaust"!

Lewis Barfoot "Glenaphuca" (CD, Own label, 2021). Irish/English singer/songwriter Lewis Barfoot is presenting here her first full length album. She has a rather beautiful and soothing voice, well applied to her primarily new songs in traditional style and idiom. Subtitled “a folk prayer to the ancestors”, the album is a very personal and reflective album focussed on Lewis’ Irish ancestors. For the album, she is joined by guest musicians on cello, violin, clarinet and piano, in addition to her own guitar. Apparently the singer is frequently compared to the likes of Julie Fowlis and Kate Rusby - not sure where this comes from, as, apart from good voices and being folk singers, I would not have thought the three have much in common musically. Watch "Fisherman"!

John Noble Barrack "Replace Me", "Finding Friends" (Single/Video, 2021). Brooklyn-based folk/rock singer-songwriter John Noble Barrack follows up his debut with the new single “Replace Me”, his wish to an ex that they both acknowledge the breakup and his hope for his ex to “replace” him and not “erase” him. He wants to understand that there is always something to learn from each relationship. There are good parts and bad parts and with each new relationship you can build on what works in the past and what didn’t. See also the groovy anthem “Finding Friends”, a reminder that feeling alone is nothing to be ashamed of, and more common than you would think.

"Tuulikki Bartosik live in St. Catherine's Church in Tallinn Old Town for Estonian Music Week" (Video, 2021). Watch accordion experimentator Tuulikki Bartosik live in St. Catherine's Church in Tallinn for Estonian Music Week. Recorded under almost freezing circumstances. The artwork in the background is called "The Invisible Christmas Tree" designed by Pille Kivihall, Merle Suurkask and Eero Kotli with the help of the artists of the St. Catherine's Guild and Hopner House.

Eddie Berman "Broken English" (CD, Nettwerk, 2022). "I sometimes hesitate to talk too much about what my albums or songs are about. The hesitation is partly because I want people to have their own experience with the material, but also because my own interpretation changes and gets muddled over time. What I do know is that even though I wrote this album before Covid, a lot of it is about isolation, and disconnection, and rootlessness. But it's also about the opposite of those things - the rapturous feeling of inseparable connection to the people and things I love." Watch "Stay Dark" (Official Music Video)!

Big Richard "Try Me One More Time" (Video, 2022). Big Richard is a neo-acoustic group made up of well established Colorado musicians: Bonnie Sims on mandolin, Joy Adams on cello, Emma Rose on bass + guitar and Eve Panning on fiddle. What began as an all-female festival collab quickly morphed into a serious passion project driven by sisterhood, harmony and humor ... along with the shared desire to rage fiddle tunes and smash the patriarchy. Watch TRY ME ONE MORE TIME [Live at Cinder Sound Studio]!

Sunny Bleau & The Moons "Breakfast Served Cold" (CD, Coco Music/Underdog Music, 2022). On her debut album, Breakfast Served Cold, Sunny Bleau & The Moons, based out of Rochester, Michigan, use every hue in the blues palette - flirtations with jazz, soul, Latin and country sprinkled across the canvas, though the primary color is most definitely blue. "Everybody gets the blues, everyone can relate to it. It doesn't matter if they're blue collar, white collar, rich, poor, whatever; they get it." Watch "I Should Be Sleeping"!

Jake Blount "The Man Was Burning" (Single/Video, Free Dirt, 2022). The new single from Jake Blount[72] troubles the waters. Known for his incisive perspective on Black American folk music, Blount has unearthed a rare fire-and-brimstone spiritual - the singer, Joe Lee, was 71 years old and incarcerated at Virginia’s Powhatan State Farm when John Lomax recorded him in 1936 - and reworked the lyrics to speak to our current era of ultra-wealth and privilege. With “The Man Was Burning,” Blounts moves easily along the spectrum of Black roots music, from field recordings in penitentiaries, to the electric guitar of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, all the way up to an updated modern sound that incorporates looped production from hip-hop. “It’s a spiritual that echoes with burning hellfire,” Blount says. “All of these supernatural, plagues of Egypt-type things are happening to this person ostensibly as punishment for his gambling. I don’t really mind people gambling, so I changed the verses to be about somebody who’s hoarding money and thinking too much of what it can do for him and is punished. This is kind of my Eat the Rich moment.” Just for fun, here’s the original song from Joe Lee, recorded in 1936!

Regina Bonelli "Truth Hurts" (CD, True Groove, 2022). Truth Hurts is a tour de force where modern blues and vintage soul meld together into a whole new musical animal. “Even though I’d been performing for years before Love Letter came out,” Regina Bonelli notes on her critically-acclaimed debut album from 2018 that spent 60 weeks on the Soul-Blues charts, “and I’d worked as a backup singer on other people’s records, the whole experience of recording an album of original material is always a learning process. It was great, and I was very happy with the way it came out, but as time went on and we started working together more and more, I knew we could dig deeper. I think this is really the first time we’ve been able to capture the intensity of what it’s like when we play live. I played the record for my son the other day, he’s in his mid-20s, and he said, ‘Mom, you’re this really dynamic performer and this record really captures that spirit.” Watch Regina's cover of Howlin' Wolf's classic "Killing Floor"!

Bonnie & The Mere Mortals "Curses", "Call of the Void" (Single/Video, 2021). Bonnie & the Mere Mortals are a Southern Gothic outfit from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Drawing heavily on the canon of both Country and the Gothic, their music and on-stage performance is like the Grand Ole Opry had a Halloween party. Their long awaited debut album release, Southern Gothic, is right around the corner but you won’t have to wait to hear their music, just watch "Curses" & "Call of the Void"!

Borta På Vinden "Svensk Rock, Funk & Ungdomsgårdsdisco 1976-1982" (CD, 2020); "Borta På Vinden" (EP, Rundare Rekkords / Paraply, 2021). Before Peter Holmstedt launched his promotion company Hemifrån (From Home) with Swedish and American gut music, he was singer-songwriter-guitarist of Västmanland's Borta På Vinden (Gone With The Wind) from 1979 to 1981, who rated themselves as youth centre disco music. Though no ABBA, but the New Wave at the time between Punk and The Police. In 2020, Borta På Vinden released a remix of the single "Mina Nya Discojeans" on a compilation album; followed in 2021 by an EP with unreleased material from the early 80s. At the same time, new lyrics and music were written; and with "Högt Upp I Molnet" (High Up In The Cloud) the first new song in 40 years will see the light of day in April.

"Broken Record: Jackson Browne" (Podcast, 2022). In the 1970’s Jackson Browne was known as one of the originators of the carefree, California classic rock sound. As his career progressed, his knack for writing soul-searching lyrics turned more political. Jackson Browne stopped by the Broken Record podcast to talk about turning catastrophic headlines into palatable songs on his latest album, Downhill from Everywhere (inspired by a documentary about the Pacific garbage patch and our impact on the planet), moving to New York City when he was 18 and how he ended up writing songs for the Velvet Underground’s Nico.

The Brothers Comatose & Charlie Parr "Ain't No Grave" (Video, 2021). A five-piece bluegrass band based out of San Francisco, California; a country blues musician from Austin, Minnesota; and a song written by a Pentecostal Holiness preacher, "Brother" Claude Ely (1922–1978): "Ain't No Grave"!

Bubba and the Big Bad Blues "Drifting" (CD, Fullerton Gold Records, 2022). Southern California guitarist and singer/songwriter, Christopher “Bubba” Clerc has been leading his powerhouse band for over a decade. For their debut album, he enlisted two of the best kept secrets in the music business, drummer producers Tony Braunagel and Nick D’Virgilio to bring his dreams to fruition. Both played on several of the album’s tracks to build the Big Bad Blues sound that is a mixture of Texas Blues, SoCal Blues Rock, Southern Soul and New Orleans R&B. Check out the Bubba and the Big Bad Blues Youtube channel!

Buffalo Rose & Tom Paxton "Rabbit" (EP, Misra Records, 2022). The four-track "Rabbit" EP from folk music legend Tom Paxton[64] and young Americana sextet Buffalo Rose is a perfect release for the wintry days, when all of our hopes are that Punxsutawney Phil will predict that Spring is just around the corner. Grab a hot drink, light a fire, and cozy up...

Thomas James Bull "Hard Travelin'" (Single, 2022). London-based folk singer Thomas James Bull released his new single 'Hard Travelin' ahead of an album on which he has re-imagined Woody Guthrie for a modern audience. Celebrated banjo player, Dan Walsh,[76] features on the record which will be released in full this coming Spring. Bull said ‘At the start of the pandemic I felt drawn to Guthrie’s songs more than ever before… they talk such sense, and were a great comfort in a time of unprecedented upheaval. There is a timelessness to his songs… which I have tried to bring out in these recordings.’

"The Show On The Road – Hayes Carll" (Podcast, 2021). The Show On The Road catches up with renowned Texas-born singer and deeply observational songwriter Hayes Carll, who is celebrating the release of his seventh LP, the atmospheric country-tinted You Get It All. His style of roots-oriented songwriting has been noted for its plainspoken poetry and sarcastic humor.

Susan Cattaneo "All Is Quiet" (Video, 2022). “I’m writing to you from the confines of my house where I’m hibernating until the Omicron wave passes. I go out with the dog and for food and necessities, but other than that, I’m living the Groundhog life and looking forward to spring. Like (maybe) most of you, I celebrated New Year’s quietly this year… which is a perfect intro to share my news about my new album. All is Quiet was written and recorded remotely because of the pandemic. Kevin Barry, Duke Levine and I never had the chance to be in the studio together, and experience the joy of making music together. Three musicians in the same space, listening and reacting to each other. There's nothing like that feeling. I love the final record, but at the same time, I felt we were robbed of something very special. So last fall when things opened up briefly, I decided to capture back at least a little bit of the magic. I spent a few hours with these two in the studio at Woolly Mammoth, and we recorded live versions of some of the new songs. I’m proud and excited to share with you the title track. Here is All Is Quiet, with Kevin Barry on acoustic guitar and Duke Levine on baritone guitar.”

Central Manitoba Choral Association Youth Choir "Torn Screen Door" (Video, 2021). In this challenging time of our pandemic, we have all experienced loss and grief. We have had to adapt and grow. We have had to let go of the way things once were and learn to create new ways of living. In David Francey’s “Torn Screen Door” a family has left the family farm. Generations worked the land and made memories there. They worked their fingers to the bone, but in the end, the banks took it all away. A sign on the torn screen door tells us that this family has had to rebuild a life in the city. Have a listen to this wonderful version of “Torn Screen Door” by the Central Manitoba Choral Association Youth Choir. It moved David to tears. Meanwhile David had a brilliant time recording and is coming out of all this with a new record in tow.

Popa Chubby "Emotional Gangster" (CD, DixieFrog, 2021). Emotional Gangster “definitely reflects happier times and good solid dose of classic blues”, says The Chubbfatha. “I specifically included covers like Hoochie Coochie Man and Dust My Broom to show respect for the Fathers. Willie Dixon has always been my idol, you know.” But the real gems come in Popa’s original compositions such as the light hearted singalong Equal Opportunity that celebrates the feminine. Harmonica wizard Jason Ricci joins Popa on the blues rock anthem New Way Of Walking: “This record is indeed made in the spirit of new shoes! A new way of walking. It’s created with the intention of moving forward to an old truth and a new reality that all are appreciated for the unique energetic contribution they bring to our collective life. Love is all there is. I love you all.”

Alan Clark "Backstory" (CD, ponderosamusicrecords, 2021). Alan Clark, long-term member of Dire Straits and collaborator with Eric Clapton, Tina Turner and Bob Dylan, offers solo piano renditions and interpretations of 1980s melodies such as "Romeo and Juliet", "Going Home" & "Private Dancer", revisiting his original scores and extricating them from 1980s production values.

Chris Cleverly "Live from The Glass Isle" (CD, Opiate Records, 2021). Live from The Glass Isle is the solo acoustic album from UK songwriter-guitarist Chris Cleverley. This series of stripped back recordings features adapted versions of songs from his previous two full band studio albums, arranged exclusively for solo guitar and voice. It was recorded at the foot of Glastonbury Tor, Somerset, on 1st August 2020; the pagan festival of Lughnasadh. At dawn Cleverley walked the spiral path to the summit: “This old pagan rite of passage, commencing the harvest season, is so symbolic of facing a period of doubt and inconstancy with hope and conviction. It carried immense meaning for me as we waded, knee-deep, through the mind-spinning uncertainty of the pandemic. It offered the perfect clarity & headspace to make these recordings.”

German CD Review

Bruce Cockburn "Greatest Hits (1970-2020)" (CD, True North Records, 2021). The consummate collection »Greatest Hits 1970–2020« curated by Bruce Cockburn[72] himself, presents 30 songs over a double album that defines the acclaimed singer-songwriters’ 50 year career. These songs are both the ones that shot to the top of the charts when they were released, and also are the fan favourites most often requested at Bruce’s concerts. With over 125 minutes of music, and notes on each song by the artist.

"Cowboy Junkies: Music Is The Drug - The Podcast" (Podcast, 2022); Cowboy Junkies "Songs of the Recollection" (CD, Latent Recordings, 2022). Cowboy Junkies[48] have been making music since 1986. More than 35 years later, they are still producing compelling albums and taking that music on the road - pandemics permitting... In Cowboy Junkies: Music Is The Drug - The Podcast, hosted by Dave Bowler who wrote the Cowboy Junkies biography, the band talk you through their songs - one by one from right across their career. They are also excited to announce a new album, Songs of the Recollection, a collection of cover songs (such as David Bowie's "Five Years", Neil Young's "Don't Let It Bring You Down"): "All of which connects us to our past and helps to define our present. Long before we were musicians, we were music fans. We didn't grow up sitting around the kitchen table playing instruments and harmonizing. We grew up sitting around the record player listening to each other's record collections and having our minds blown by what we were listening to."

Thomas Csorba "Heartache After Heartache | OurVinyl Sessions" (Video, 2022). Born and bred in Texas, Americana/Folk artist Thomas Csorba performs “Heartache After Heartache,” from his 2020 self-titled album - a collection of westerns with a touch of the dust bowl blues. This live session was filmed and recorded at Wilburn Street Studio in East Nashville, Tennessee. OurVinyl films creative live performances with both emerging and established musicians. They strive to push the production envelope by filming artists in unique settings that complement the music while capturing studio quality audio regardless of the setting.

Celtic Arts Foundation ft. Dàimh "Fosgail an Doras"; Dàimh "Alasdair's Reels (The Islay Sessions)" (Video, 2021). School of Dàimh[76] Online was a great success, check out their YouTube channel to find all the uploaded videos. For example, watch this gorgeous video from their friends at the Celtic Arts Foundation in Mount Vernon, WA where they join Dàimh for the tune "Fosgail an Doras". Spring term of School of Dàimh returns on the first weekend of April; spaces are limited so book quickly!! Dàimh themselves have a run of Scottish gigs coming up; in the meantime, here is a couple of Alasdair White’s tunes ("Hit the Toad/Samhradh Beag an Damhair") recorded for The Islay Sessions folk festival from home over lockdown.​

Steve Dawson "A World Without You" (Single/Video, 2021). Last year, Chicago’s Steve Dawson (Dolly Varden/Funeral Bonsai Wedding) released At The Bottom Of A Canyon In The Branches Of A Tree. In his review, Bob Fish included some background on how Steve had attended a songwriting camp in the Catskills run by Richard Thompson along with special guest Patty Griffin. From Patty’s class, he took away the lesson “To be fearless and to write the songs that push at the boundaries of what is scary or intimidating. That life is short, and there’s no point in worrying so much!” That lesson is put into practice again on his new single, ‘A World Without You A World Without You’. Steve shared: “This song came pouring out one night a few years ago. It could be heard as a lost love song, but I think, honestly, it’s about the passing of my wife’s parents, who I was closer with than my own parents. I tried ‘A World Without You A World Without You’ as a country/soul ballad. I’m a huge fan of classic country music of the 1960’s and 70’s and Merle Haggard is one of my top 5 favorite singers and songwriters.”

Steve Dawson "Gone, Long Gone" (CD, Black Hen Music, 2022). Since moving to Nashville in 2013, it’s been full tilt for the Vancouver native. When not producing albums for a slew of roots artists, putting together his acclaimed ‘Music Makers and Soul Shakers’ podcast, Steve Dawson was usually out on the road supporting friends such as Matt Andersen or Birds of Chicago. The same quarantine that closed so many doors in our daily lives, created the opportunity for Steve to work on a large volume of music that would never have seen the light of day otherwise. This flurry of activity resulted in enough solo material for three distinct albums, the first of which, Gone, Long Gone, reflects Dawson’s mastery of songcraft. Watch "Gone, Long Gone" & "Dimes" (Official Lyric Video), "Kulaniapia Waltz" (Live at The Henhouse Studio), "Bad Omen" & "King Bennie Had His Shit Together" (Live at The Studio Nashville)!

The Dead South "People Are Strange", "You Are My Sunshine" (Video, 2021). The Dead South will be releasing two EP's called "Easy Listening For Jerks Pt. 1" & "Easy Listening For Jerks Pt. 2"; one being a punk cover EP and the other one is filled with bluegrass classics. Watch 'People Are Strange', originally by The Doors, and folk classic 'You Are My Sunshine'!

"Ray Dethomas & Tom Beaulieu" (CD, Own label, 2021). Dethomas and Beaulieu's[76] Cosmic Drums demonstrate that Rock And Roll Is An Old Man's Game but are doomed of Running Out Of Synergy ... And Energy! See also Tom's Youtube channel!

Alice DiMicele "every seed we plant" (CD, Own label, 2022). Alice DiMicele is an Americana/folk singer-songwriter based in Southern Oregon. Her new album, Every Seed We Plant, is her sixteenth release in a three-decade career, a snapshot of life in these times drawing on folk, jazz, blues, R&B and rock & roll influences: “I hope the songs remind folks to reach out and just simply be a presence for someone.” Watch "Every Seed", "Free", "Alone", "For Granted"!

DLÙ "MOCH" (CD, ARC Music, 2022). Glasgow’s trad-fusion band DLÙ (pronounced dloo, as in blue), an exciting quintet of young Scottish Gaels, release their debut album MOCH, which champions the Gaelic language and culture and celebrates generations who have fought and continue to fight against its neglect. Watch the Official Music Video for "Bràighe Loch Iall"! The various influences of funk, rock and pop, of classical trainings and of other progressive folk line-ups before them combine with their traditional music backgrounds to weave a sound that is uniquely their own.

Peter Doran "Live @ 33/45 Records" (Video, 2022). Last November, on my birthday actually, I popped into my local record store in Mullingar and played a short set. It was documented by a young gentleman called Luke Byrne (video) and I recorded the audio. You can check it out here: Peter Doran Recorded Live @ 33/45 Records!

Demian Dorelli "Nick Drake's PINK MOON: A Jopurney on Piano" (CD, Ponderosa Music Records, 2021). Demian Dorelli's new readings of the songs on Nick Drake's third album Pink Moon on the black and white keys of the piano remind us that the English singer-songwriter was so much more than a folk guitarist. Dorelli's album is not so much a homage to Nick Drake, but a starting point for an exploration of where his ambitious imagination might take us. Check out "Pink Moon" & "Place To Be"

Dowdelin "Lanmou Lanmou" (CD, Underdog Records, 2022). Lanmou Lanmou is the second album of Afro-Caribbean club musicians Dowdelin from Lyon. David Kiledjian of Dowdelin says about the video to their single Tan Nou: "Tan Nou is an example of music as resistance to oppression. It’s a Caribbean swing and biguine jazz arrangement mixed with a compelling four-to-the-floor drums coupled with the lyrics ‘They caught our time (took our freedom) / we want to bang on drums’, which is also a statement of Dowdelin’s intent."

Duffhues "Murder Call" (CD, Own label, 2021). Dutch singer-songwriter Niels Duffhues presents his 9th album with 10 dark storylike songs, "Murder Call", populated by a murderer burying his victims alive, a police officer with a vocation for homicide and alcohol, etc, musically embedding folk and blues as well as rembetiko and flamenco. Watch "The Evil Kind"!

Danny Burns & Steve Earle "Mercenary Song" (Video, 2022); "Steve Earle Talks with Jay Farrar on the Talkhouse Podcast" (Podcast, 2021). Alt-country/Americana guys Danny Burns and Steve Earle[74] join forces on a reimagining Earle's "Mercenary Song," with added Irish fiddle, Tex-Mex accordion, and a video shot at Dead Rabbit Irish pub in NYC. Earlier, Steve and Son Volt's Jay Farrar sat down for a conversation on the Talkhouse podcast, covering everything from what they listened to growing up to the rise of the alt-country movement in Americana music.

Angela Easley "Rise" (CD, Class A Records, 2022). Following hard on the heels of her award (Female Vocal Of The Year Bronze) from the International Singer Songwriter Association, Angela Easley releases “Rise”. This album plays out like a sampler from her monthly shows at Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie bar on the world-famous Printers Alley in Nashville, with infectiously singable tunes rooted in the blues, rock, country, funk, and soul of the Deep South. Watch Angela Easley perform her song “One More Last Time” live in studio in Nashville, TN. The pleading strains of her soul blues lament are echoed by the mournful saxophone of Mathew Gros and soaring guitar from Randall Scott Peterson.

Seamus Egan Project "Early Bright Live" (CD/Video, 2021). After a two year wait Seamus Egan is thrilled to announce that the Seamus Egan Project is finally finishing the tour started way back in 2020! And to celebrate he is releasing a new, exclusive, available only-at-the-show CD of Early Bright Live![71] Recorded live last summer it features Jenna Moynihan on fiddle, Kyle Sanna on guitar, and Owen Marshall on bouzouki and harmonium. Don't want to wait for a show to get the CD, or cant make it to a concert in person? You can stream the Early Bright Live concert here for free!

Scott Ellison "There's Something About the Night" (CD, Liberation Hall, 2022). Sidelined from his usual wall-to-wall touring because of Covid lockdowns, Scott Ellison took advantage of the time spent at home in Tulsa to create the most focused album of his career: “Like pretty much everyone else, I was stuck at home! I would get up at 5:30 or 6 in the morning, pick up my guitar, and just work on songs. Being forced to be off the road might have been the best thing that’s ever happened to me from a creative standpoint.” Over the course of 14 tracks, There's Something About the Night checks all the Blues boxes - from a Chicago-meets-Texas shuffle to full tilt blues-rock workouts and pure soul blues. Watch "Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City"!

Vincent Neil Emerson "Shout & Shine Exclusive", "Son of a Bitch" (Video, 2022). “Indigenous music is folk music. Indigenous stories are part of American folklore.” Watch East Texan country singer-songwriter Vincent Neil Emerson (Choctaw-Apache) share a live performance of two tracks, “High on Gettin’ By” and “The Ballad of the Choctaw-Apache,” off his self-titled 2021 release for Shout & Shine, an interview and livestream series, highlighting the vital contributions of marginalized musicians to American roots music. (Read the full interview on BGS!) See also the official music video for "Son of a Bitch"!

Rusty Ends & Hillbilly Hoodoo "Last Of The Boogiemen" (CD, Own label, 2021). As far as Louisville-based singer/guitarist Rusty Ends is concerned, constructing barriers between various roots music genres is an exercise in futility: “When I was a kid I heard a lot. I grew up hearing blues, rock and roll, and country music. I heard all three of those things. And it was country guitar players that influenced me a lot, too. And sometimes it comes out and sometimes it doesn't. We try to keep the energy level pretty good. It’s a mixture of originals and covers. That’s why we call the band Hillbilly Hoodoo. It’s like a bit of old gumbo or burgoo. And Kentucky burgoo is just a soup or a stew that they just throw everybody in it. They throw in rabbit. They throw in squirrel. They throw in groundhog. And that’s what our music is.” Check out Rusty's Youtube channel!

Face the West "The Long Night to New Orleans" (Single/Video, 2022). "The Long Night to New Orleans" is the new single from Isle of Lewis based celtic rock band Face The West: “It’s a new French tune written by Tangi-Oscar Josset, discovered as part of a pipe band performance on YouTube by our piper Euan. It’s a banger to get people excited for large festivals and gigs and to forget about real life for a while. The track is a labour of love and complete creative freedom, with forceful bagpipes screaming like they are coming over a battlefield held sturdy by mighty synths and electronic beats. We set out to make music that didn’t really belong in a genre, just to create something we loved with no barriers or fears.” To purchase the single, visit:!

Daria Falco & Bruno Galeone "d’Accordo" (CD, Own label, 2021. "d’Accordo" is a new world music recording project by Apulian musicians Daria Falco (vocals and frame drums) and Bruno Galeone (accordion); see Trailer. "d’Accordo" is a music journey, ranging from Mexico and arriving in Cuba, touching France, continuing through Romania and Serbia, returning to Southern Italy to leave again and again in music towards the wonderful journey of life.

The Faux Paws "The Faux Paws" (CD, Great Bear Records, 2021). Brothers Andrew and Noah Vannorstrand first started making music with Chris Miller (formerly of Revelers)[71] in 2010 and they honed their sound traveling all over North America in the popular dance band Great Bear. The Faux Paws is a mix of fiddle tunes, original songs, explosive jams and driving rhythm. Watch "Road from Winchester"!

Katie Ferrara "Timeless (Live in Highland Park)" (Video, 2021). Katie Ferrara[64] put out a couple more songs on her YouTube channel under her "Street Sessions" series: "I wrote Timeless this year because so many times I've heard from guys I've dated that it's "bad timing" when really it's not the case, they are just the wrong person, and want all the benefits of a relationship without a commitment. The truth is that there's no such thing as bad timing! Love exists without the confines of time." Katie loves riding her snazzy new folding bike around LA which is why she decided to busk with it. More videos coming.

Feuerschwanz "Ultima Nocte", "Skaldenmet" (Single/Video, Napalm Records, 2021/2022). The new FEUERSCHWANZ album Memento Mori has seen the light of day! The German folk-rock band once again hasn't missed the opportunity to celebrate the release with a free album release livestream on New Year's Eve, including an exclusive concert, talks with various guests and the release of their fifth official video taken off Memento Mori: "Ultima Nocte represents our development from the early days until today like no other song! Based on our first album Prima Nocte this time it's about the Ultima Nocte (lat.: Last Night) before the battle! No title fits better to the turn of the year and to our album release! We gather around the fires, raise our horns, look full of confidence into the future and invoke our common fighting spirit, our friendship and the love for epic folk metal. Join the chorus of heroes, warriors and shieldmaidens, for the Last Night Before The Battle has come!" FEUERSCHWANZ has also released a video for Skaldenmet, recorded during the livestream: "Join us and let Hauptmann Feuerschwanz take you into the epic world of Norse mythology over mead and firelight!"

Robert Finley with Dan Auerbach "Make Me Feel Alright" (Video, 2022). The man known as “the greatest living soul singer,” Robert Finley, has joined forces with Dan Auerbach (best known as the guitarist and vocalist of blues rock band The Black Keys) on his 2021 album, "Sharecropper’s Son." Here they are performing Finley’s single, “Make Me Feel Alright,” at Easy Eye Sound in Nashville!

"Opening Doors: Alastair Moock w/ Dom Flemons" (Video, 2022). American songster Dom Flemons[66] participated in the "Opening Doors: Race, Conversation, and Song" music and interview series hosted by Alastair Moock. The "Opening Doors" series features largely BIPoC talent playing music and discussing issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Folk Talk Trio "Live at The Underground" (EP, Own label, 2021). International folk troubadour Rik Palieri (12-string guitar, banjos, native american flute), California singer-songwriter Patti Shannon (bass) and Vermont-based topical Americana songwriter Jason Baker (6 string guitar, harmonicas) have joined together for some folk classics while accompanying each other on their original songs. Listen to the full livestream performance from The Underground in Randolph, Vermont!

The Foreign Landers "Put All Your Troubles Away" (EP, Own label, 2021). Two instruments, two voices, two worlds… A transatlantic folk duo united by their love of bluegrass and traditional folk music. The "Put All Your Troubles Away" EP is a collection of material that they started working up during the beginning of lockdown in 2020 while stuck in Northern Ireland for about 6 months: "This period has been a difficult time for many, but through it all we've been so thankful to be near to each other. We hope that this music encourages you, and helps us all put all our troubles away."

The Frank Burkitt Band "Silvereye" (CD, Own label, 2021). "Silvereye" is the new album from The Frank Burkitt Band, i.e. Manchester-based duo Frank and Kara Filbey. This deeply reflective self-composed record created during the pandemic includes songs of love, loneliness, hatred and a sprinkling of optimism: “The silvereye is a common but very beautiful small bird that you find all over New Zealand and Australia. Silvereye uses this bird as a metaphor for all the good things in the world. It seemed to symbolise hope, beauty and innocence and we wanted to capture that. This album is by far the most intimate, sentimental and personally revealing I have ever released. Introspective and extremely indulgent but also crucial for my mental sanity. If one person out there can get any sort of healing or common ground from any of these songs then I will be deeply honoured and touched.” Watch "Don't Be Afraid"! "World King" (a scathing biography of Boris Johnson)!

Jake Xerxes Fussell "Good and Green Again" (CD, Paradise of Bachelors, 2021). Singer, guitarist, and folk music interpreter Jake Xerxes Fussell shares two songs from his album, Good and Green Again: “Breast of Glass” concerns romantic love and leavings; “Frolic” is one of the three airy instrumentals offering respite and light in the form of crisp, shuffling play-party tunes.

Iona Fyfe "Poor Ditching Boy" (Single, 2021). "Poor Ditching Boy" is Iona Fyfe's Scots translation of the Richard Thompson song, released on his debut album, Henry The Human Fly, in 1972, inspired by Lewis Grassic Gibbon's novel, Sunset Song, set in Aberdeenshire. Featuring Graham Rorie (mandolin, fiddle, electric tenor guitar), Michael Biggins (piano), Charlie Stewart (electric double bass) and Jack McRobbie (guitar).

Emma Gale "Emma Gale" (CD, Example Records, 2022). Weymouth/Dorset singer-songwriter Emma Gale, a self-proclaimed “accidental indie folk artist”, will release her soulful self-titled debut album on 18th March. The Americana record is both nostalgic and hopeful, with a mixture of upbeat tracks and slowed down ballads, and was produced by Ivor Novello Award nominated singer-songwriter Boo Hewerdine: “The album started out as quite an eclectic mix of different styles and genres - there were pop, acoustic and rock songs created at different times. As the album progressed, Americana quickly became the focus and worked really well across the material, bringing a nostalgic and soulful sound to the body of work which I hope will really pull on people’s heart strings.” Watch "Enjoy Life While You Can" carrying the message that we should live life to the fullest and appreciate the small things!

Abbie Gardner "Three Quarter Time" (Video, 2022). Dobro player Abbie Gardner has a brand new song and video out called Three Quarter Time: "The song is romantic and sentimental. Just in time for Valentine's Day. And perfect for slow dancing barefoot across your kitchen floor. The lyrics mention 'leave the flowers in the dirt, leave the cork in the wine, play the hi-fi and take my hand' because real romance comes from sweet gestures and awkward dancing, am I right? :)" Three Quarter Time is the first single from Abbie Gardner’s forthcoming solo album DobroSinger (May 2022).

Jim Ghedi "In the furrows of common place" (CD, Basin Rock, 2021); Cinder Well & Jim Ghedi "I Am a Youth That’s Inclined to Ramble / Pulling Bracken" (EP/Video, Free Dirt Records, 2022). The inspiration for most of the tracks on this album of South Yorkshire folk singer songwriter Jim Ghedi comes from his home county, from local stories, history and landscape. There are also two tunes, a poem put to music by the late poet John Clare, a song by Ed Pickford, and a traditional (Son David). The songs presented in a dark way, with the music featuring guitar, violin, drums and (infrequently) trumpet and flugel.  Watch "Beneath the Willow"!
Ghedi has also released a single of re-imagined traditional material in collaboration with US singer Cinder Well,[72] “I Am a Youth That’s Inclined to Ramble”/“Pulling Bracken”. The traditional material resonated with them because of themes that run parallel to their pandemic experience, including travel bans which left families and loved ones stuck on opposite sides of the Atlantic.

Sarah Ghriallais, le Johnny Óg Connolly "Idir Dhá Sháile 2: Amhráin ar an Sean Nós" (CD, Gael Linn, 2021. This album was recorded in 1987, three years after Conamara sean-nós singer Sarah Ghriallais won Corn Uí Riada. However, it has remained in the archives of Gael Linn since. Ghriallais sings eight songs, alternating are a number of fine tracks by accordion-player Johnny Óg Connolly when he was just seventeen, with accompaniment on piano by John Blake. Watch Sarah Ghriallais singing 'Eleanóir na Rún' on an episode of the TG4 series Amhráin is Ansa Liom in 2010!

Max Gomez "Key to the Highway" (Video, 2021). The mountains in the background, snow still on their peaks, made for a rather epic background to this classic blues standard, "Key to the Highway". As Max Gomez of Taos, New Mexico says, it has a rather definitive version performed by Big Bill Broonzy. As a child, Gomez was influenced by the country and blues sounds of both Big Bill Broonzy and Johnny Cash. His own recording output has been compared to Jackson Browne and John Prine because of his blend of Americana and folk.

Dave Goodman "Blue" (Video, 2013/2021). It's been 13 years since Willie Burger produced a portrait of Canadian singer/songwriter and guitar virtuoso Dave Goodman.[53] It is the portrait of a terrific musician who at that time was preparing to take off in his career as a live musician, entertainer, guitarist, composer and busy producer of many CDs. The film was previously only available on DVD; here is the unabridged 66-minutes version @ Youtube!

Greg Greenway "Songs from the Beginning" (CD, Own label, 2022). Greg Greenway is best known as a founding member of folk trio, Brother Sun; lately he has teamed up with his friend for over 30 years, Reggie Harris. "Songs from the Beginning" is a 42 years journey from 1979, when most of these songs had been written, to 2021 revisited for live streamed concerts during the pandemic and eventually put on CD. Says Greg, it's his story, his "days with desires so fiercely in confusion, times when I was first out on my own".

Cathy Grier + The Troublemakers "Coffeehouse" (Video, 2022). Blues guitarist Cathy Grier’s multi-dimensional guitar technique, gutsy vocal range, and sterling songcraft have garnered acclaim worldwide, including an upcoming slot in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis. Watch Cathy Grier + The Troublemakers performing for Coffeehouse Concerts!

Anna Grindle "The Turning" (CD, Own label, 2021). "I remember sitting for an hour one cold January afternoon after work in a coffee shop in Derry, writing thoughts in streams-of-consciousness, and later realised it was almost poetic in places. Within a couple of days, a song had emerged, and I found that after that, more songs just came. One thing leads to another." Reflective songs for uncertain times, "The Turning" contains 13 tracks, including a collaboration featuring Zenon Joel Otim, a friend and rapper from Uganda.

Guano Padana "Back and Forth" (EP, Ponderosa Music Records, 2021). Reportedly American jazz guitarist Bill Frisell was bowled over by Guano Padano's "cinema for the ears," which led to a long-distance collaboration between continents plus employing singer-songwriter Sam Amidon. The result is the four-track EP "Back and Forth", a musical roadtrip from the Arctic to Appalachia without leaving their studio in Brescia, but: "Didn't Sergio Leone show us canyons and saloons from the studios in Cinecittà?"

Mia Guldhammer & Morten Alfred Høirup featuring Kristian Bugge "Rundt På Gulvet / Dansen" (Video, 2021). "Rundt på gulvet ('Around on the floor') is an old song from the Danish island of Fanø, situated in the south western part of the country, not far from the German border. The song is about a young girl who has two lovers, and it starts like this: 'Oh if only I had wings, and was a little bird, then I would fly to a strange country, where no males are living'. The first of her two lovers is named 'Joy', the second is called 'Dancing', and she often walks around the dance floor with both, using the very light steps of youth. The song is being followed by 'Dansen' (The dance), a happy dance tune composed by Mia & Morten, illustrating this powerful young girl dancing." This song and many more can be found on the duo's album 'Tral, Tråd & Traditioner'.[76]

Harley Kimbro Lewis "Harley Kimbro Lewis" (CD, Own label, 2022). From Knoxville to Nashville via Hertfordshire, Martin Harley, Daniel Kimbro and Sam Lewis collaborate for a slow cooked, laid-back album, highlights Daniel’s Appalachia roots, Sam’s Nashville tones and Martin’s travelling riverside blues. Scheduled for release in February 2022, with a 16 date UK tour to follow in March, three singles from the album have been released along with accompanying videos: "Neighbors", "Man Get Ahold of Yourself", "Cowboys in Hawaii"!

Ruth Hazleton "Daisywheel" (CD, Own label, 2019). “Whether a traditional song or a song of her own making, Ruth approaches her material with great understanding”, says Andy Irvine about Australian folk singer Ruth Hazleton. “Deeply concerned with the political and social, her convictions are intrinsic to the passion behind her music - evident in the strength of her music and her voice.” Her debut solo album "Daisywheel" - a lyrical voyage from the past through to the uneasy times in which we live; the sound of history, struggle & resilience in song - made her Artist of the Year at the 2021 Australian Folk Music Awards. Watch "The Killing Times"!

The HooDoo Loungers "So Beautiful" (CD, Paradiddle Records, 2022). The HooDoo Loungers from Long Island, NYC are obsessed with the music of New Orleans… They take their inspiration from Fats Domino to Dr John, blending it all together with a bit of classic soul and swing, then season it with gospel, R&B, jazz and funk. Watch The HooDoo Loungers performing SO BEAUTIFUL live at MY FATHER's PLACE in Roslyn New York!

HuDost "Anthems of Home" (CD, Own label, 2021). The music of HuDost, i.e. Moksha Sommer from Montreal and Jemal Wade Hines from Kentucky, weaves a seamless tapestry of Electric Folk, World and Americana. Activism weaves into their music, for example, "Beat the Drum Harder" addresses our disconnection from and harming of the planet and our awakening to reconnection. See also: "Come Home" & "Home Is Bigger Than Us"!

Jamestown Revival "Young Man" (Video, 2022). Jamestown Revival is a folk quintet around childhood friends Zach Chance and Jonathan Clay from Magnolia, Texas, merging country, Americana and rock music. Watch Jamestown Revival performing their song "Young Man on the banks of the Mississippi River, taken from the album of the same name!

Jon Spear Band "B-Side Of My Life" (CD, Own label, 2021). Celebrating ten years as one of hardest working blues/rock bands in the mid-Atlantic area, the Jon Spear Band have released their latest album, "B-Side Of My Life". Coming out of a lockdown that took the Virginia band off the road allowed to explore new musical routes and journeys they call a collection of B-sides, like the old 45 records that sometimes yielded a surprise hit song. Built around the dual guitar work of Jon Spear and Dara James, who share lead vocal duties with bass player Andy Burdetsky, they create a pallet of blues, funk, rock, soul, and Americana. Watch "B-Side Of My Life" (Lyric Video)!

Şenel Karatepe "Hard Times" (CD, Bone Union Records, 2021). Including solo acoustic recordings of singer-guitarist Şenel Karatepe dating back to 2005 and 2006, "Hard Times" represents a timeframe of an era in Izmir (Turkey), a city rarely hosting a space for loyal performers of traditional blues forms. Born and based again in Lüleburgaz on the Bulgarian–Turkish border, Karatepe is skilled on creating a silky and a liquid style while covering familiar tunes of Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Big Bill Broonzy and Ray Charles.

Amythyst Kiah "Black Myself" (Video, 2022); "Harmonics with Beth Behrs: Amythyst Kiah" (Podcast, 2022). Watch Amythyst Kiah[69] performing "Black Myself" for the OnePlus Mahogany Session. Also check out the "Harmonics with Beth Behrs" podcast: Amythyst Kiah tells the story of her life’s musical journey, discusses the importance of claiming her space in the roots music world as a queer Black woman, and ponders religion, philosophy, and spiritual moments experienced through music.

The Kindly Ravens "Silver And Gold", "Bittersweet Lie" (Video, 2021). "Bittersweet Lie" is the follow up to The Kindly Ravens debut single "Silver And Gold", both of which will be on their forthcoming album Cemetery of Broken Hearts. It is another co-write between Cassi Marie and Steve Boom who are Americana duo The Kindly Ravens from Brisbane, Australia: ‘Whilst we write in many different styles, we both love Americana, alt country, Folk and Country, and this comes through in our writing.’ The song has a duality in its meaning. On one hand it is about the way we tell ourselves little lies in relationships when things are going well; it also tells how we can often lie to ourselves in hopeless situations, where you may love someone but it isn’t reciprocated.

King of the World "Royal Ten" (CD, Continental Records Services, 2022). The name of the band may sound a bit pretentious, but you know it could be something special if you put together some of the best blues musicians from Netherlands and Belgium. ROYAL TEN, their 5th album is destined to be yet another highlight and major step up in an already successful 10 years career winning over audiences all across Europe.

Korrontzi "Lurra" (Video, 2021). "Lurra" – music: Korrontzi (Basque Country), Luar Na Lubre (Galicia), Luís Peixoto (Portugal), Stefano Saletti (Italy), Mikel Urdangarin (Basque Country), Aziza Brahim (Sahara), text: Aritza Bergara (Basque Country) – is a charity project in favor of the rescue ship “Aita Mari”: Korrontzi embarks bound for the Mediterranean; on deck they tune their trikitixa to start this musical route to far waters; in each port they collect stories and melodies, and lay out a rope of hope to those who leave for a new life.

Dani Larkin "Notes For A Maiden Warrior" (CD, Own label, 2021). Notes For A Maiden Warrior is the debut album from Northern Irish nu-folk singer-songwriter Dani Larkin: "The Warrior element refers to the mythical and folkloric elements of Ulster as the place of the warrior archetype in our collective Irish psyche. Rather than portraying the dominant sense of a warrior as masculine and violent, instead it is portrayed as one that seeks to create change in a determined, non-violent and transformative manner, and this album suggests alternative ways of creating change through story, myth, legend and introspection." Watch "The Red (Maca's Return)" Official Music Video & Notes For A Maiden Warrior album series ("The Mother Within", "Bloodthirsty", "Aoife")!

Las Migas "Antonia" (Single/Video, Escena Music, 2022). LAS MIGAS, these four powerful, brave and flamenco women return to the forefront of the music scene and they do so with 'Antonia', the first single of their coming album accompanied by a fresh party video clip. 'Libres' will be released on April 22, and will be presented shortly after, on April 27, at Luz de Gas (Barcelona) as part of the new edition of the Guitar BCN Festival.

Abigail Lapell "Pines" (Video, 2022). Abigail Lapell is an alternative, americana, folk, indie, pop, rock, songwriter artist from Toronto. Watch "Pines" (Official Music Video) from the new album Stolen Time, out April 22, 2022 on Outside Music.

The Last Inklings "The Impossible Wild" (CD, Own label, 2021). The Last Inklings are Leonardo MacKenzie and David Hoyland, and their debut album as a duo, "The Impossible Wild", explores the role of nature, myth and superstition in the modern world. Through the lens of music and metaphor, The Last Inklings explore contemporary issues including mental health, personal wellbeing and growth, and our impact on the environment. Check out the trilogy of stop frame animated videos which reference specfic landscapes in their home county of Dorset: "Hunter’s Folly", "Sleeping Giant", "Vespers".

The Legendary Ten Seconds "Songs About Devon" (CD, Richard the Third Records, 2021). The Legendary Ten Seconds started off as the solo music project of Ian Churchward during the time when he was the lead guitar player of The Morrisons. Since then various guest musicians and vocalists have helped out in the recording studio. The Legendary Ten Seconds have recorded many critically acclaimed English folk rock albums which chronicle the Wars of the Roses and the life and times of Richard III. The latest is "Songs About Devon"; see Promotional Video & Youtube Channel.

Korby Lenker "Geordie", "Korby's Feel Good 2022 February Edition" (Video, 2021/2022). "After the collaborative experimentation of Maroon,[75] I’ve been drawn back toward the acoustic world that spawned me. I’ve taken to playing a lot more fingerstlye guitar lately, and making recordings where I’m singing and playing at the same time. These recordings are technically less perfect, but to me, there’s something truer about them." Here is his arrangement for solo guitar of the Child ballad "Geordie"[64] (Part 2 exclusively on Patreon is a twenty-six minutes tutorial where he shows how he plays it): "Me playing it live in my room. It’s not commercial. It’s just music." See also Korby's Feel Good Livestream: "I felt like singing because I am alive and I can. Come hang out for an hour..."

Vivian Leva and Riley Calcagno "Sanctuary Song" (Single/Video, 2021). is a project in support of immigrant lives, centered around a haunting song of the same name that documents the tragic death of a father and his two-year old daughter in the Rio Grande river while trying to cross from Mexico into Texas. Indie roots duo Vivian Leva & Riley Calcagno were invited by the original songwriter, Richard Fortmann, to contribute their own version of the song to the project. “Sanctuary Song” (Audio, Video) benefits Annunciation House, a volunteer organization that provides care to migrants, immigrants and refugees in the border region of El Paso, Texas.

Baptiste Loosevelt "Mesun - Violin traditionnel du Poitou" (CD, AEPEM, 2021). An album that does what it says on the tin: Baptiste Loosevelt plays through 15 traditional violin tunes from the French region of Poitou (well 14 as there is a song written by Michel Grignon). Much of the album is solo violin; only three  tunes feature guest musicians on violon, accordion, hurdy gurdy.

The Love Light Orchestra "Leave the Light On" (CD, Nola Blue Records, 2022). The Memphis sound of the 1950’s and the era of crooners, shouters and entertainers, who ruled Beale Street in the days before rock‘n’roll and soul, is proudly celebrated by The Love Light Orchestra, fronted by acclaimed vocalist John Németh, who is backed by a nine-piece band of the most seasoned musicians from the Home of the Blues. The Love Light Orchestra drews inspiration for the group’s name from Bobby “Blue” Bland’s 1961 hit ‘Turn On Your Love Light,’ and the concept from the orchestral sound of mid-century big band blues. Watch "Come On Moon" (Official Music Video)!

Lunatraktors "The Missing Star" (CD, Broken Folk Records, 2021). Alt.folk duo Lunatraktors are a collaboration between choreographer/percussionist Carli Jefferson and vocalist/composer Clair Le Couteur. "The Missing Star" features thirteen tracks drawing on eight hundred years of British and Irish traditional song stripped down to rhythm and voice. Their 'broken folk' sound combines harmonic singing with tuned percussion, harmonium and analogue synth, combining Le Couteur’s self-taught three octave range with the hybrid of tap dance, flamenco and body percussion Jefferson developed after touring with Stomp.

Trudy Lynn "Golden Girl" (CD, Nola Blue Records, 2022). The words “powerhouse,” “charismatic,” “Diva” and “Dynamo” are often bandied about when describing talented female vocalists and performers, but few are more deserving of such accolades as thirteen-time Blues Music Award nominee, Houston's living blues legend, Trudy Lynn. On the eve of her 75th birthday and 57th year in show business, she is set to release her 18th full length album aptly titled “Golden Girl,” derived from the self-penned track, “Golden Girl Blues.” Check out Trudy's Youtube channel!

Anastasia Lynne "Girl with the Hourglass Eyes" (CD, Own label, 2021). Los Angeles artist Anastasia Lynne's debut release, "Girl With The Hourglass Eyes", is an introspective take on life’s relationships, with a wise, yet distorted lens of an old soul trapped inside of a young woman. Watch "Sensitive" (Lyric Video)!

Kate MacLeod "Uranium Maiden" (CD, Courier Music, 2022). From Kate MacLeod, songwriter and fiddler: “The state of Utah became my home in 1979, and since then it has been inspiring my music compositions. From landscape-themed instrumentals, to a journal entry of a pioneer woman, to the complicated issues of uranium mining, this project represents decades of note taking and musical musings. I’ve strived to capture some of the spirit of the American West, the majesty of the landscape, and our commitment to community. It’s been said 'the universal human experience is in the details of the specific.' In these stories and melodies one may find our commonalities and shared human experience.” Watch CD Release Concert!

The Magpies "Colin's Set" (Single/Video, 2021). The Magpies have already made an impact with their brand of transatlantic neo-folk and have announced the first artists that they will be joined by at their festival on the 12th and 13th August 2022 in Sutton Park in York, among them Seth Lakeman, John Smith, Rob Heron, Honey & The Bear. Meanwhile here is the brand new video to accompany their spring tour, 'Colin's Set', three instrumental tunes written by fiddler Holly Brandon as a birthday present for one of The Magpies’ most enthusiastic supporters. The tunes were intended not only as a thank you to Colin, but to everyone who continued to support live music throughout lockdown and to everyone who continues to support its return now.

Manuel Maio "Sem olhar ao Tempo" (CD, Sons Vadios, 2022). With an eclectic musical career as a performer and composer (he released two albums with the group "A Presença das Formigas"[60] and collaborated with renowned Portuguese artists such as Amélia Muge), the former classical and jazz violinist Manuel Maio finally presents his solo album "Sem olhar ao Tempo" (Without looking at the time). The single "Chula da Distância" tells us about long distance relationships, where the stanzas are dominated by a stubborn pessimism but the refrain surrenders to the inevitability of love, rejecting the bitter fado. See also "A Casa Fechada"!

Mandy Marylane "Blues Shack" (EP, Y&T Music, 2021). I let myself be just the singer... The "Blues Shack" EP features Mandy's new interpretations of 5 classic blues, gospel and country classics.

The Matthews Baartmans Conspiracy "[distant chatter]" (CD, MIG Music, 2021). Iain Matthews (Fairport Convention, Matthews Southern Comfort) and BJ Baartmans met in 2003, after the former had relocated to Holland. They have been playing and recording together more or less since then. When the pandemic forced all performers off the road, the two made plans to record and tour as a duo once curfews were lifted. It’s a collection of rootsy Americana songs with intruiging harmonies and ear catching hooklines. Check out Trailer, "Are You A Racist", I´ve Gone Missing (Live)!

Richie Mayer "The Inn of Temporary Happiness (Revisited)" (CD, Own label, 2021). Pandemic, wildfires, political chaos, social unrest, climate change... if one needed a reason to kickstart their catharsis, anytime in 2020 was the appropriate moment. Taking this as a sign that The End is near, Richie Mayer retreated into his home studio to bring us temporary happiness with power pop and beat-lesque melodies.

The McDades "The Empress" (Video, 2022). Despite the turmoil of the last eighteen months The McDades have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to make some music together. They released "The Empress" to critical acclaim and managed to finish the year off in the #1 position on the Earshot National Folk, Roots, Blues Chart. The McDades are looking forward to sharing their new music and performing live in 2022.

Michael McGovern "Highfield Suite" (CD, Cauldron Music, 2021). Michael McGovern is a 25 year old folk singer-songwriter from Glasgow, Scotland. His debut album, Highfield Suite, is a summation of his work since he began writing songs as a teenager, prominently featuring a nylon string fingerpicking guitar and tipping its hat to Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and the Fleet Foxes. Check out "Highfield Suite", "Munich", "I'm Not Myself Today", "Isle of May"!

Murray McLauchlan "Hourglass" (CD, True North Records, 2021). The acclaimed Canadian folk singer Murray McLauchlan, who had some country and rock hits in the 1970s and 1980s, is addressing the shocking events of the recent past to build one of his most political and personal albums. Check out BandCamp; watch "A Thomson Day" (inspired by Tom Thomson's painting "The West Wind, Winter 1916-1917")!

Mean Mary "Revenge" (Video, 2022). Americana, bluegrass, blues, folk from Nashville: "Another video! This is a song I wrote last year and I'll be recording it next year. (I'm usually 2-10 years behind on recording what I write.)" Watch "Revenge" (Live in the Studio)!

Mean Old Fireman and the Cruel Engineers "Dumpster Fire" (CD, Own label, 2021). "Dumpster Fire" weaves ample doses of New Orleans grooves, southern rock and old school R&B into the band's blues roots. On the songwriting side, singer/slide-player Ned Bollé's experiences from 20 years as a firefighter and paramedic provide for some soul-searing subject matter.

Merope "Salos" CD, Granvat, 2021). With most members hailing from countries other than Lithuania, it would be tricky to classify Merope as a Lithuanian band, however, as its music is largely centred around the singing and kanklės playing of Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė, the collective is a prime example of Lithuanian folk influences finding a firm place in the global ocean of experimental world sounds. "Salos" weaves together elements of electronic, ambient, indie and traditional music into a colorful carpet that is at once local and universal. Watch "Sakale" & "Rana" (Live at Het Bos)!

Mile Twelve "Evening Prayer", "Complicated Man" (Video, 2022). Contemporary bluegrass outfit Mile Twelve spent many hours writing and rehearsing new music this winter. They can't wait to share it and will head into the studio in late March to record their third full length album. In the meantime, Mile Twelve share some new videos: their rendition of "Evening Prayer" from vocalist-guitarist Evan Murphy's debut solo EP, "Born Again Town," and their version of "Complicated Man" by the Tattletale Saints off their 2020 EP "Roll the Tapes All Night Long".

Gary Miller "A Boy’s Own Story" (Single, 2021); Nellie’s Temple "Venus Through The Sycamores" (Single, 2021); Gary Miller "For The Last Time" (Video, 2021) Gary Miller "Home" (Demo, 2021); Gary Miller "Northern Grit Home Demos - 3 Songs for Joseph Skipsey" (Demo, 2021); "Gary Miller guesting with The Men They Couldn't Hang, Musicport Festival, Whitby, 23.10.21" (Video, 2021). Gary Miller (Ex-Whisky Priests)[73] was in the studio at The Forum Music Centre, Darlington with his partner Helen Temperley, and a couple of fellow musical collaborators, recording a couple of tracks for the ‘Releasing From Lockdown’ project (see a short ‘fly on the wall’ video clip recorded during the sessions). Eventually, they’ve made them available as download singles: ‘A Boy’s Own Story’, ‘Venus Through The Sycamores’. Gary is excited to be revisiting the recording studio soon to begin laying down tracks for what will be the debut album of his new band, ‘Gary Miller’s Big Picture’ (see a few teasers of some of the other potential ‘Big Picture’ songs: ‘For The Last Time’ ‘Journey’). ‘Northern Grit’ is the current working title for his next ‘solo’ album, intended to feature a collection of songs written over the last few years for various commissions and collaborations, all based on characters and figures of North East England history, folklore and legend (see a set of three Northern Grit Home Demos, all of them dedicated to Joseph Skipsey: The Pitman Poet of Percy Main). With all the work that this entails he's not rushing ahead with any major live gig plans at the moment, though he did have the honour of joining The Men They Couldn't Hang (R.I.P. Cush) on stage to sing with them "Ironmasters" and "Walkin' Talkin'" at Musicport Festival, Whitby.

Anaïs Mitchell "Little Big Girl" (Video, 2022). Grammy and Tony Award-winning artist Anaïs Mitchell[69] is an American singer-songwriter from Vermont whose songwriting and delivery is inspired by the confessional styling of artists such as Ani DiFranco. Watch Anaïs Mitchell perform 'Little Big Girl' on The Kelly Clarkson Show!

Molosser "Dive In (Barebones Sessions)" (Single/Video, 2022). Swedish duo Molosser play their very own brand of alternative rock with two downtuned acoustic guitars and vocals. "Dive In" is number two in a series of singles/videos where they perform tracks from their acclaimed debut album Appear in straightforward live versions – one take, straight into the microphones. A small guitar plays a primal blues riff under singer Tess’ almost rap-like vocals; the minimalistic yet intricate interplay between the two guitars and the vocals that has become Molosser’s trademark. The ever-creative duo have made an evocative and captivating video for each song, filmed in the loft of the old barn on the small Småland farm where they live.

Christy Moore "Flying Into Mystery" (CD, Columbia, 2021). “It has been a very different recording process this time around,” writes legendary Irish singer Christy Moore[57] in the liner notes. “Since 1969 I have been involved in recording but never with a total absence of live performance. Since March 2020, all my focus has been on this album.” A restless spirit is a restless spirit, and so he did what every other musician does as downtime looms – forget about relaxing, pick up a guitar and write songs. Watch "As the clock winds down to zero"!

Kathy Murray & The Kilowatts "Fully Charged" (CD, Blue Heart Records, 2022). Along with her band leader and partner, Bill Jones, and The Kilowatts being a staple of the Austin music scene, Kathy Murray is both a big-voiced blues singer and a prolific songwriter (e.g. co-writing the title cut on Frank Bey’s album, “All My Dues Are Paid,” posthumously nominated for “Best Traditional Blues Album” in the Grammy Awards and for “Song of the Year” in the Blues Music Awards). The blues has been the foundation of her music, though: “My sound encompasses the influences of all of Texas’ regional musical styles that I’ve been immersed in all my life: blues, country, swamp pop, zydeco, soul, and rockabilly. I believe I’m helping take American blues and roots music into the future by writing new songs propelled by the styles that have inspired me.” Check out Kathy's YT Channel!

Nevesta's Voice "Laíkas Laíkas" (Video, 2021). Acapella trio Nevesta's Voice is travelling through vocal traditions from Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe, The Baltic and Anatolian regions. "Laíkas Laíkas" is a Lithuanian lullaby: "It is a sweet and caring song and lulls the child to sleep with imagery of the animals in the forrest. The lullaby is a part of the album 'Mother Tongues' which centers around motherhood."

Buffalo Nichols "Tiny Desk (Home) Concert" (Video, 2022). In a sparse, dimly lit Austin office building, Carl “Buffalo” Nichols stands in front of the mic stand with his steel guitar. As he finger picks into the first song “Living Hell,” the stark surroundings are juxtaposed against the warmth of his raspy vocals. He performs his Tiny Desk (Home) Concert solo, a testament to the engaging storytelling of the blues, a genre he reclaims on his self-titled debut album. In his three-song set, Nichols sings about not making it into heaven, living in hell and the life of someone who is lost and lonesome. But these aren’t your run of the mill, down-and-out blues songs – Nichols is adamant about making the genre current and making it Black again.

Mercedes Nicole "Constellations" (CD, Own label, 2020). Constellation, Seattle's Mercedes Nicole's fourth release, takes the regionally well-known jazz singer in a new direction. This is the blues album she has wanted to make for years. It features the best artists of Seattle’s formidable jazz and blues scene. It is well-named, a constellation of talent, a constellation of brilliant songs sung from the heart.

Niteworks "A’ Ghrian" (CD, Own label, 2022). The Niteworks quartet grew up together on the Isle of Skye, giving them an appreciation for Gaelic culture. Paired with their experiences discovering club culture and electronic music in Glasgow, helped them create their signature folk-electronica sound. Their third record "A’ Ghrian", meaning ‘the sun’, features a mix of Gaelic, Scots and English songs: “There is so much value to be found in Scotland’s minority languages and cultures that deserve to be presented to mainstream audiences in ways that’s accessible to them. This means the music and culture that goes along with it can be celebrated not just by those who use it, but by a much wider audience that want to enjoy it too.” Watch "Each-Uisge", "Teannaibh Dlùth" (feat. Sian), "John Riley" (feat. Beth Malcolm), "Gura mise tha fo Èislein" (feat. Ellen MacDonald)!

Old Crow Medicine Show "Paint This Town", "Bombs Away" (Video, 2021). Old Crow Medicine Show's[62] video for "Paint This Town" “is about growing up in a small town, and having to make fun wherever you could find it. Our band has always drawn its inspiration from those elemental American places, where water towers profess town names, where the Waffle House and the gas station are the only spots to gather; this is the scenery for folk music in the 21st century. And the John Henry and Casey Jones of today are the youth who rise up out of these aged burgs undeterred, undefeated, and still kicking.” See also "Bombs Away" (feat. Molly Tuttle) from the upcoming "Paint This Town" album: “At the end of the day, we’re still just trying to stop you on the street and get you to put a dollar in the guitar case. Then once we’ve got your attention, we’re gonna tell you about things like the opioid epidemic and the Confederate flag and what’s happening with the environment — but we’re gonna do it with a song and dance. We feel a great obligation to talk about the more difficult things happening out there in the world, but we also feel obligated to make sure everyone’s having a great time while we do it.”

The Old No. 5s "Moment To Lose" (CD, Own label, 2021). The sounds of the record travel between raw blues and psychedelic sounds, but the Old No. 5s from Kansas City always seems to find their way back home to pure, timeless rock and roll sound. Watch "Two by Two"!

'O Rom "Shukar drom", "Opa Tsupa", "Jovano"(Video, 2015-2018). Eric E. van Monckhoven's MUSIC4YOU started coaching a band from Naples, Italy: »‘O ROM. Like them, I love both Neapolitan and Roma cultures, and I found interesting the challenge of bringing it all in one project. Their repertoire draws on various influences and musical genres, from Django Reinhardt’s swing jazz to Neapolitan popular music, from Eastern European music to Italian rap. ‘O ROM pays a heartfelt homage to people who find community among strangers and joy in the face of adversity. The free spirit of both cultures became the tread tiding the artistic project together.« Watch "Shukar drom"! "Opa Tsupa"! "Jovano" (ft. Daniele Sepe)!

Dean Owens "Sinner's Shrine" (CD, Continental Records Services, 2022). Scotsman Dean Owens has been recognized as a fine singer/songwriter for many years by fans and media alike. "Sinner's Shrine" (recorded with John and Joey of Calexico fame plus Grant-Lee Phillips and Guatemalan singer-songwriter Gaby Moreno) made everyone in the Americana Roots Music community realise that he is a major force to be reckoned with. "Sinner's Shrine" has been launched at Celtic Connections: "a hands across the water meeting of great songs and minds," says Donald Shaw. Watch "The Hopeless Ghosts" (ft. Grant-Lee Phillips)!

Glen Peters "Just For The Record" (CD, Fflach Records, 2021). Pembrokeshire-based folk-singer-songwriter Glen Peters, an Indian immigrant to the UK in the 1970s, has eventually recorded his debut CD Just For The Record, supported by luminaries such as Eliza Carthy, Angharad Jenkins (Calan) and George Whitfield (Pressgang). Just For The Record includes a song repertoire that is political and environmentally thought provoking; all proceeds will go to Unicef’s global vaccination programme. Watch ‘Damascus Skies’, written about the young Syrian boy who was washed up on a beach in Turkey and whose ‘picture moved a million hearts’. See also ‘Let no man steal your thyme’

"Celina da Piedade ao vivo Casinha" (CD, Own label, 2021). "Celina da Piedade ao vivo Casinha" is singer-songwriter Celina da Piedade's fourth album in her own name, the result of a concert held on Live a Casinha, streaming to the whole world at a time of great uncertainty and crisis in the Culture sector due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The album reflects the power of Celina da Piedade's music with a folk sound inspired by the traditional Alentejo songbook and travels to other places. Watch "Andorinha"!

"Chris Pierce speaks up with his latest album, 'American Silence'" (Podcast, 2022). Chris Pierce stopped by NPR's World Cafe to talk about his album American Silence[74] and how he wants others to join him as he strives to make the world a better place. Born and raised in Southern California, Pierce's parents were the first interracial couple in their neighborhood, and many of the songs on the album deal with what he and his family experienced there.

The Pine Hearts "Lost Love Songs" (CD, Own label, 2022). The Pine Hearts are a roots band out of Olympia, Washington bridging bluegrass and Americana with punk roots. Joey Capoccia wrote a number of the songs in Antarctica for "Lost Love Songs", where he works part of the year as a carpenter. He also comes out of Olympia's DIY punk scene and has some great stories. "Lost Love Songs" was recorded in Entreprise, Oregon, this tiny rural outpost that's recently getting some recognition as a surprising hotbed of music (Enterprise's cultural mayor Bart Budwig[51] produced the album). Lots of interesting rural points to this music...

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss "Tiny Desk (Home) Concert" (Video, 2021); "Broken Record: Robert Plant" (Podcast, 2022). Tiny Desk (Home) Concert: "What a remarkable sight to see the reunion of Robert Plant and Alison Krauss gathered around a couple of microphones in Nashville. It's been 14 years since their surprising and remarkable album Raising Sand and now they're back at Sound Emporium, the studio where they recorded some of that first record and the entirety of their new album Raise The Roof. These interpretations are delicate, gripping and so damn special." (Bob Boilen) Robert Plant also stopped by the Broken Record podcast to discuss his experiences recording with Alison Krauss, traveling to the Sahara with Jimmy Page and meeting John Bonham for the first time.

Poppy Seeds "The Tow Truck Set" (Video, 2021). 2022 will be the year of the release of the Poppy Seeds'[69] 4th album "Arìs"! You may discover a first extract produced at the Max Jacob Theater in Quimper on May 7, 2021: "The Tow Truck Set" ft. "Mrs Crehan’s" / "Le Reel de la Dépanneuse" (comp. Camille Philippe) / "The Road to Kawan" (comp. Benoît Volant).

William Prince "Tiny Desk (Home) Concert" (Video, 2021). The Tiny Desk is working still from home: "I greet you today from Treaty 1 Territory, Winnipeg, Manitoba," William Prince says. "What a time it's been, I've been at home writing songs this past little while, and it really gave me some perspective on something ... confirmed something for me. You don't want to let a day go wasted." With two albums released in 2020, including a gospel album inspired by the grief caused by the pandemic, he's been quite prolific. Watch William Prince's Tiny Desk (Home) Concert!

Professor Louie & The Crowmatix "Strike Up The Band" (CD, Woodstock Records, 2022). “Strike Up The Band,” the new album by Professor Louie & The Crowmatix, has nine of ten original songs written by Professor Louie and his all-star roots band, such as ‘Livin' In This Country,’ reflecting this tumultuous world and the times we live in. Number 10, ‘End Of The Show,’ (unknown writer) is a tune originally recorded by Richard Manuel of The Band, which was never released; Louie came across this song on a poorly recorded cassette when he was working as producer for a box set by The Band. See also Professor Louie & The Crowmatix live at Caffe Lena!

Punch Brothers "Cattle in the Cane" (Video, 2021). Hell on Church Street is the sixth studio album by the Punch Brothers, a re-imagining of Tony Rice's[74] 1983 album Church Street Blues. The band did not listen to the original versions to focus on their own version, and planned to surprise Rice with the completed album but he passed before production was complete. Watch the Punch Brothers perform "Cattle in the Cane"!

Joe Purdy "Heartbreak in the Key of Roger Miller", "Coyote Album Film" (Video, 2022). “I try to be brutally honest in my writing. Sometimes that sings good and sometimes it’s downright hard to hear back. This one is extra vulnerable which is probably why it’s a bit of a rub for me. I not only wrote but also recorded this record at a particularly dark time, by myself in the middle of the desert. I think you can hear the way I felt in the recordings themselves. Low energy even for me. I’m not actually sure that’s a good thing. Maybe it’s cool. Maybe it’s really not. It is what it is.” "Heartbreak in the Key of Roger Miller" is the first song from his forthcoming album Coyote. See also the 'Coyote' Album Film, shot in the high desert of Northern New Mexico at the Rio Grande River Gorge.

Ben Reel "Live @JJ Smyths Dublin" (CD, Own label, 2013/2021). Ben Reel is delighted to release "Live @JJ Smyths Dublin", recorded on Nov 30th 2013: "JJ Smyths was one of our favourite places to play and to me it was the Ronnie Scott’s of Dublin. Now sadly JJ's has closed its doors forever and this event was shortly followed by the tragic death of Brian Smyth who passed away before his time at the age of forty seven in 2017.  Brian built up JJ Smyths to be one of the most prestigious and respected jazz & blues venues in the world. Brian was a fan of our music even though we leaned to the more roots rock side of the spectrum. I’m guessing there was enough shades of the blues there to keep Brian and the JJ's audience happy. I am forever grateful that Brian gave us the opportunity to play there to showcase my songs in front of a musically intellectual audience who knew a good band when they saw one. RIP Brian Smyth & JJ Smyths venue."

The Remittance Men "Scoundrels, Dreamers & Second Sons" (CD, Blonde on the Tracks Records, 2022). Hailing from the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts, The Remittance Men formed during the worldwide pandemic - an act of pure survival - and recorded their debut album, Scoundrels, Dreamers & Second Sons, a 10 track Northern Country offering penned and sung by singer-songwriter, Tom Robertson. The Remittance Men debut boasts of locally mined talent but whose music has reached well beyond borders: Chris Anzalone (Roomful of Blues), Kris Delmhorst, Mark Erelli (Rosanne Cash, Josh Ritter), Zachariah Hickman (Ray LaMontagne, Josh Ritter, Rodney Crowell), Eilen Jewell, among others. Watch ‘A Room in Birmingham England, 1919’ (feat. Eilen Jewell)!

Reverend Nathon "Volume 1" (CD, Pinnacle Music, 2021). Reverend Nathon Dees' debut album blurs the lines between blues and rock & roll. He calls it Texas Outlaw Blues. Imagine a musical streetfight between Larry Wallis-era Motorhead and John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, in the back alley behind Stubb's BBQ, says Night Train PR. Watch Reverend Nathon live at South Fork Food and Fun in Georgetown, TX 2021!

Roving Crows "Awaken" (CD, Own label, 2022). Founded in Herefordshire in 2009 and now based across England and the west coast of Ireland, Celtic folk-rock fusion band Roving Crows recorded their fourth album AWAKEN in County Clare, Ireland. "Freedom Song", a raucous anthem that jubilantly celebrates life, is inspired by The Burren in County Clare and the epic vastness of the landscape in this area. Roving Crows’ Caitlín Barrett said: “AWAKEN is about opening ourselves and other people’s hearts and minds to the positive changes possible in the world. Moving to Ireland during the pandemic and finishing writing and recording the album here has been a rollercoaster ride, but it’s incredible what a change of place and perspective can bring. The west coast of Ireland is full to the brim with raw energy, and I hope we have managed to convey some of that in this recording.”

Allison Russell "Persephone" (Video, 2022); "The Show On The Road – Allison Russell" (Podcast, 2022). Originally from Montreal and now based in Nashville, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Allison Russell (Po’ Girl, Birds Of Chicago, Our Native Daughters)[69] released her debut solo album "Outside Child" in 2021, which confronted her traumatic childhood head on and earned her three Grammy nominations. Here she is performing a song from that album, "Persephone." The Show On The Road podcast with Allison Russell paints in white-knuckled detail how she escaped the abusive home of her stepfather and it was her songwriting hero Brandi Carlile who went to bat for her helping get her raw, unreleased songs to Fantasy Records. Even President Obama put her ominous radio standout “Nightflyer” on his favorite songs of the year list.

Rachael Sage "Revelation Ground" (Single/Video, 2022). Rachael Sage[72] has just released a new single, Revelation Ground, referencing her lifelong reverence for '60's-era folk – a la Leonard Cohen, Pete Seeger and Simon & Garfunkel. Amidst the landscape of the pandemic, racial protest, the loss of far too many loved ones and her own cancer experience, Sage distills bright hope and beauty: "I thought about the lyrics to "Turn, Turn, Turn", inspired of course by the Old Testament psalm: 'A time to build up, a time to break down, a time to dance, a time to mourn, a time to cast away stones, a time to gather stones together...' These ancient and powerful words were an encouragement for me to move gracefully through personal and collective loss. I hope that Revelation Ground can likewise provide comfort to listeners weathering hardships, knowing that everything is seasonal and that hope always returns." The stop-motion animated companion video was created by singer-songwriter Antje Duvekot, who has garnered critical acclaim for animated videos she recently made for Toad The Wet Sprocket ("Starting Now"), Dar Williams ("Today and Every Day"), Eliot Bronson & Lori McKenna ("Even This Is Going To Pass"), and Eliza Gilkyson ("Promises To Keep").

Salt House "Working for Zeus" (EP, Hudson Records, 2021); "Headwater" (Single, Hudson Records, 2022). Separated by the North Sea during the pandemic, Salt House were greatly missing the thing they love most - creating music in a room together. In the depths of winter they decided to try writing new songs together on Zoom. It came with its challenges and distractions: Ewan Macpherson and Lauren Maccoll grappling with mediocre broadband in the rural Highlands, Jenny Sturgeon disappearing off camera when she spotted orca out of her window in Shetland. But most of all it kept them connected. "Working for Zeus" is born out of strange days, a long winter, but ultimately from a complete necessity to create. Featuring five guest musicians: Maija Kauhanen (kantele), Dean Honer (synths), Cahalen Morrison (5-string banjo, vocals), Petter Frost Fadnes (bass clarinet), Olav Luksengård Mjelva (hardanger fiddle).
‘Headwater’ is the first single from the forthcoming Salt House album ‘Riverwoods’, inspired by and featuring in the conservation film ‘Riverwoods: An Untold Story’. They have also just released a new live video, "The Same Land" taken from their 2020 album 'Huam'.[72]

Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage "Ink of the Rosy Morning" (CD, Topic Records, 2022). Hannah Sanders and Ben Savage's intimate single microphone live show has captivated audiences across the world. For "Ink of the Rosy Morning" they hired an old schoolhouse by the sea, sat in the dining room, lit the fire, opened a bottle of wine, set up a few mics and played. Nothing pre-No pre-production. No thought of releasing anything from it. Simply playing the songs they’ve known for years; savouring all the energy and emotion they carry. Watch "A Winter's Night" & "False True Love"!

Skinny Lister "Bonny's Eyes" (Single/Video, 2022). Standing as a moment of tranquillity and reflection amidst the playful folk/punk ruckus of their latest album, 'A Matter Of Life & Love,'[76] SKINNY LISTER return with "Bonny's Eyes". Introducing Bonny and the song that she inspired, her dad and frontman of Skinny Lister Dan Heptinstall says: “After recently becoming a parent, it felt kind of inevitable that a song would be spawned from such an emotionally potent experience. Though the song is blatantly inspired by having a child, it’s fundamentally a song about returning home from travels to a loved one. The song is essentially about recognising that despite all of our searching and far reaching ambitions, sometimes the things that really count in life are a little closer to home. The song is a gentle little reminder to treasure those things.”

Buster Sledge "Call Home" (CD, Heilo, 2022). Oslo-based American-Norwegian trio Buster Sledge releases their sphomore album "Call Home". Fiddle, banjo, guitar and three voices are the vehicle for lyrical storytelling against an orchestral background anchored in the acoustic music traditions of the United States. Hailing from northern California, lead vocalist and songwriter Michael Barrett Donovan mixes themes from personal experience with folk and country music archetypes to breathe new life into time-tested song structures. Banjoist Mikael Jonassen and guitarist Jakob Folke Ossum both share a thorough appreciation for the fundamentals of bluegrass music, clear melodies and harmony-singing through the lens of being trained jazz musicians. Watch "The Wind", "Other Side", "I Love This Road"!

Marjo Smolander "Heitän suruni" (Video, 2021). With her musical roots in Carelian and West African musics, Finnish musician Marjo Smolander plays the Finnish traditional instrument called Kantele. Watch "Heitän suruni" from the 22.11.2021 gig in Pakkahuone Joensuu organized by Jazzkerho '76. In the end, Minttu Hellstén on the pump organ and João Luís on the drums.

Katie Spencer "The Edge of the Land" (CD, Lightship Records, 2022). We're hearing Bridget St John, Sandy Denny and Michael Chapman... the warmth and idealism of the early 70’s folk and songwriter movements. Katie Spencer was raised in the East Yorkshire flatlands on the fringes of Hull and it's this blend of industrial and natural landscapes that guides her second album, 'The Edge of the Land'. Check the title track here, The Edge of the Land (Official Video)

Terra Spencer "Chasing Rabbits" (CD, Own label, 2020). Nova Scotian funeral director-turned-songwriter and current Canadian Folk Music Contemporary Singer of the Year nominee Terra Spencer discovered her passion for crafting songs while touring as a backup singer with country artist Ryan Cook. She has charmed audiences with deft fingerstyle guitar, gospel piano and butterscotch voice. "Chasing Rabbits" is a collection of winter songs about family life and wildlife, long-distance relationships, and the meaning of home.

Jim Stanard "Same River" (Single/Video, 2022). American Blue Scene muses: "They say there'll never be another Johnny Cash or Kris Kristofferson, but Jim Stanard draws from the same well of weathered experience." On the heels of "Witness Protection" which saw widespread airplay,[75] Jim Stanard is set to release his new single, "Same River".

The String Revolution & Steve Stevens "Crazy Train (A Tribute to Randy Rhoads)" (Video, 2022). The String Revolution and Steve Stevens (Billy Idol, Michael Jackson, Top Gun Theme) teamed up to create a flamenco-tinged cover of Ozzy Osborne's classic hit, "Crazy Train", as a tribute to the late Ozzy guitarist Randy Rhoads. Randy would have turned 65 in December 2021, was inducted into the 2021 Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, and March 19 will be the 40th anniversary of his untimely passing. The String Revolution’s Janet Robin, who was Rhoads’ solo female student, said they wanted to maintain the energy of the original track and put their own stamp on it. "I miss Randy a lot. I wish he was still with us but I can tell you that his influence and inspiration still runs far and deep across the entire world and I can only speak for myself - he's the main reason I am still playing guitar and playing music. Instilling self-confidence in a young girl at the time I was taking lessons from him made me the musician I am now. Thank you Randy."

Billy Strings "Love And Regret" (Video, 2022). Guitarist and songwriter Billy Strings is in the midst of a triumphant year after winning Best Bluegrass Album at the GRAMMY Awards for his critically acclaimed record, Home. Out now via Rounder Records, Strings’ latest album Renewal solidifies his position as a singular artist—one who honors the history of the music that inspires him, while continually pushing it forward. Watch “Love And Regret” (Official Music Video)!

Matěj Metoděj Štrunc "Valášek", "Dobrú noc, má milá" (Single/Video, Indies Scope, 2022). Young songwriter Matěj Metoděj Štrunc provided a chilling and intimate version of the well-known Czech folk song Valášek. Matěj says: "I remember how my grandparents from Rožnov pod Radhoštěm taught me to sing it as a child. It has a beautiful sense of the rawness but also the beauty of the Moravian landscape. With producer Thom Artway, we tried to get the same into our Valášek. Only with a touch of today's times." See also Matěj's previous single Dobrú noc, má milá!

Subway to Sally "So Rot MMXXI" (Video, 2021). Co-founders of the German medieval rock movement SUBWAY TO SALLY celebrate the 20th anniversary of their hit album, Herzblut: "If you go by sales figures, Herzblut is one of our most successful albums to date. But not only that, the record is also very popular with our fans. No wonder, since numerous SUBWAY TO SALLY classics can be found on it. The track So Rot is one of the secret favorites of both us and our fans. It was a heartful wish for us to transport this song into the year 2021 on its anniversary. We think we have succeeded well with the new edition and are sure that our fans are happy about this little present."

The Sugar Roots "Savage's Life" (CD, Lightning In a Bottle Records, 2021. The Sugar Roots are a band founded by Chad Rupp (vocals, guitar, harp & piano) in 2021 and features an all-star lineup of the Portland, Oregon blues scene. Their long immersion in the Pacific Northwest blues scene is reflected in every track of “Savage's Life: “All the classic blues greats have played a part in what I play; however, my most revered influences are my Portland professors. The classroom has always been their live performances in local venues. Jim Mesi, Paul deLay, Lloyd Jones, Norman Sylvester, DK Stewart, Curtis Salgado, Duffy Bishop were the faculty and remain so.” Watch The Sugar Roots @ The Garages Satellite Pub 2021!

The Sully Band "Let's straighten it out!" (CD, Blue Élan Records, 2022). With Let’s Straighten It Out!, the debut album from the San Diego band fronted by radio and TV host Bob “Sully” Sullivan, his bluesy, nine-piece beast of a band take us on a journey through the ups, downs and all-arounds of love by way of 10 reinterpretations of classic ‘60s and ‘70s soul, blues and R&B tunes. Watch "If I Could Only Be Sure" (LIVE), Nolan Porter’s forgotten classic originally released in 1972. Nolan, a respected singer from the early days of soul who just passed away last February, is given a fitting tribute.

Sultans of String feat. Leen Hamo "Tell The Night" (Video, 2022). “Tell the Night” by Sultans of String is a song written by Syrian refugee Leen Hamo. She has presented and participated in numerous concerts and musical events throughout Syria, Turkey and Canada. Additionally, she has worked as a music teacher and used her skills and knowledge to provide psycho-social support to displaced refugee children in both Syria and Turkey through her work with the Syrian Red Crescent and Assam, a Turkish non-profit organization. Since arriving in Toronto in 2016, Leen has joined the Canadian Arabic Orchestra of Mississauga as a choir member and violin teacher, and performs with her band Kazdoura. Of the 11 songs on Sultans’ new album, Sanctuary, “Tell the Night” is one of the songs that impacts Sultans of String co-founder Chris McKhool most: “It is certain to leave an impact on many due to its intimate lyrics and beautiful vocals. The video shows band members in their element as well as raw emotion from Leen, who sings in Arabic.”

Hughes Taylor "Modern Nostalgia" (CD, Bent Note, 2021). In some ways, blues guitarist Hughes Taylor's fourth studio recording "Modern Nostalgia" is a concept album, with the title summing up the unifying thread he describes as "tapping into classic styles but doing it in modern way." Which means weaving Hendrix and Clapton with Muscle Shoals, Stax, southern rock and more. Watch Watch "Excuses" (Live at Madlife Stage, Woodstock, GA, July 7th, 2021)!

Sean Taylor "The Beat Goes On" (CD, Own label, 2022). For twenty years Sean Taylor[74] has toured the world, the road remains his home from home. He will be back on the road February-May 2022 to promote ‘The Beat Goes On’. His new album offers light to darkness. It covers the themes of love, beauty, hope and nature, and sets these in opposition to sadness, loss, fear, and hurt. ‘The Beat’ draws on blues, soul, folk, jazz, and Americana. Watch "It's Always Love" (a nod to Celtic soul) and "Nowhere to Hide" (a reaction and response written at the height of the Covid pandemic), featuring Michael Buckley’s soprano saxophone.

John Townley "The sailor and the mermaid" (CD, Lollipop Shop, 2021. A collection of shanties - 23 in total - confidently presented by a master in his field, John Townley. Whilst the focus is on the shanty singing - and John is joined by Marek Siurawski and the Zawisza Crew on some tracks for powerful backing vocals - there is some musical accompaniment on concertina, fiddle, tambourine, piano, bones. The CD brings together, it appears, remastered tracks of two previously released albums: To Sea Once More (from 1991) and Seeking the Mermaid (from 1996).

Track Dogs "Where to Now?" (CD, Mondegreen Records, 2022). The 7th studio album of Madrid-based folk-Americana quartet Track Dogs, Where to Now?, delivers 12 songs with 12 musical guests including Cathy Jordan of Dervish, English folk-scene favourites Banter, members of Robbie K. Jones's solo project The Potato Monsters, UK violinist Kate Moran and US singer Delories Dunn. This is their statement that despite the disruption of the last two years, these dogs are neither sleeping nor lying. Watch their cover of the James Taylor classic, "Carolina in My Mind"! Track Dogs will be playing an 8-date UK tour in March to coincide and supporting Show of Hands in May. www.caamp

Trampled by Turtles "Alone feat. Caamp (Live at Red Rocks)", "You Are My Sunshine feat. Langhorne Slim (Live at The Sylvee)" (Video, 2021/2022). Trampled by Turtles are an American bluegrass-influenced folk band from Duluth, Minnesota. Watch "Alone" live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Colorado featuring folk trio Caamp. Check out full concert audio! See also "You Are My Sunshine"! live at The Sylvee, Wisconsin featuring singer-songwriter Langhorne Slim.

Michael Veitch "Wachtraum (Special Folk Radio Edition)" (CD, Burt Street Record, 2022). The same year appearing on PBS network in a documentary about songwriters co-writing with Holocaust survivors, Michael Veitch[54] releases his 12th album "Wachtraum" (German for Daydream) reflecting on the unique quality of each month of the year, from New Year, Valentine's Day, Fool's Day, 4th of July up to Christmas.

Peter Veteska & Blues Train "So Far So Good" (CD, Blue Heart Records, 2021). Everything is full steam ahead for Jersey Shore musicians and New York Blues Hall of Fame inductees, guitarist-vocalist Peter Veteska and Blues Train. Following the internationally acclaimed 2021 release, Grass Ain't Greener On The Other Side,[74] Veteska & Blues Train return with So Far So Good. The band’s latest release reflects a return to a purer blues sound and a departure from previous albums that were rooted in the blues but in infused with elements of jazz and rock.

Maya de Vitry "Violet Light" (CD, Own label, 2022). Pennsylvania-raised and Nashville-based, Maya de Vitry first traveled and performed as a fiddling street musician, and then in bars, theaters, and on festival stages as a founding member of The Stray Birds. "Violet Light" is her third solo release. Watch "Dogs Run On" & "Working Man"!

Walking Apollo "You're My Pride and Joy, Etc." (EP, Own label, 2022). Texas-based Indie folk project Walking Apollo (i.e. singer/songwriter Buddy Taccolini) combines pristine vocal harmonies with warm, spirited instrumentation on its debut EP "You're My Pride and Joy, Etc." The five song collection showcases Taccolini's knack for catchy hooks: "When I wrote music in the past, they always seemed to come out as darker songs. For some reason I couldn't write happy music, no matter how hard I tried. This album was so simple for me to write sunnier lyrics. Having my wife as my muse has made my world brighter and it shows in my lyrics." Watch "Lovely People"!

Rupert Wates "For the People" (CD, Bite Music, 2022). For the People, the new album by New York-based, London-born folk singer-songwriter-guitarist, Rupert Wates, “is a love song to humanity. It’s also a return to my roots in English Folk. Most of the songs are loosely based on old English folk tales, which tell stories of ordinary people over the last few centuries. Here are soldiers on the eve of war; sailors on a smuggling ship; jilted lovers. The accompaniment is simple, and the line-up is sparse. I hope it sounds both ancient and contemporary, or in other words like folk music - which may be defined as music of the people, by the people, for the people.” Watch ‘To the Sea’ & ‘Oh Captain’ (live at Stage 33 in Bellows Falls, Vermont, December 2021).

We Are The Monsters "Uplift" (Single/Video, 2022). Brought to you by members of Monster Ceilidh Band, Kathryn Tickell & The Darkening and The Shee,[61] We Are The Monsters is a Celtic folk-fusion project combining traditional roots and electronic influences. Their latest single "Uplift", is from the band’s upcoming EP, Mutated, which is out on 25th March. "Uplift" was inspired by filming wind turbines out on the Northumberland landscape. This was fused with the tune, High As A Kite, which was composed by accordionist Amy Thatcher.

The Weeping Willows "House Of Sin" (Single/Video, 2022). "House Of Sin" is the new single from 2021 'Golden Guitar' award winners, The Weeping Willows. This cautionary tale offers a glimpse into the Weeping Willows’ much anticipated third studio album, 'You Reap What You Sow', out 4th March 2022.

Joonas Widenius "Jatulit" (Video, 2022). Joonas Widenius is a flamenco guitarist and composer from Finland. This is a solo version from his song "Jatulit" taken from his latest trio album "New Nordik Sagas." Jatulit is the name of ancient giants who lived in the very north of Finland, Sweden and Norway. They used to live there in harmony with nature but finally humans arrived and destroyed their culture.

Yasmin Williams "Through the Woods (Live on Mountain Stage)" (Video, 2021). Acoustic guitarist Yasmin Williams has mastered myriad forms of right-hand styles, each complicated enough for multiple lifetimes’ worth of study, and it's thrilling both to hear and watch her alternate between them mid-song. And she does just that in a newly released performance of her song “Through the Woods” live on Mountain Stage: “When I first arrived at Mountain Stage, I was shown a long list of all of the past performers and was extremely excited to now be a part of that legacy. For me, ‘Through the Woods’ symbolizes everything Mountain Stage is about: embracing new adventures by showcasing emerging artists, like me, and giving them a platform.”

Marty Winkler with Michael C Steele "Songs I Never Sang For My Father" (CD, Own label, 2021). Marty Winkler is a singer, songwriter and actress based in Athens, Georgia, whose 4 octave vocalizing encompass jazz, pop, folk and americana. The power behind the voice is the incomparable bass playing of her producer and co-conspirator Michael C Steele. Lush ballads define the 11 track album, "Songs I Never Sang For My Father," with some funky, uptempo tunes thrown in for good measure.

Chad Wolfe "Clogs & Jigs & Reels ...Oh My!" (CD, Own label, 2020). Chad Wolfe has dedicated his career to preserving Canadian fiddling and stepdancing as a performer and a teacher. Competitions were a major part of his development; Clogs & Jigs & Reels ...Oh My! pays homage to classic tunes and the musicians who popularized those at competitions since the 1960's. Originally a resource for stepdance students (60 tunes), the music has now been re-imagined to provide an exciting listening experience.

Carolyn Wonderland "Tempting Fate" (CD, Alligator Records, 2022). Texas blues rocker Carolyn Wonderland spent the last three years as lead guitarist in John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers. Her 11th solo album, "Tempting Fate", produced by Dave Alvin and including Marcia Ball, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Cindy Cashdollar and Shelley King, features her blistering six-string and lap steel playing, spine-chilling vocals and original songs melding blues, rock and Americana. Watch "Fragile Peace And Certain War"!

Yat-Kha "We will never die" (CD, Lollipop Shop, 2021). With an ultra deep voice, the throat singing of Yat-Kha’s singer Albert Kuvezin is certainly an experience. While the singing style feels archaic, the material is a mix of traditional schamanistic lyrics and much more modern songs. For example,  the throat singing version of Black Sabbath’s Solitude is one like it has never been heard before - and will never been replicated. Some of the singer’s guitar arrangements have also a much more contemporary, and less shamanistic, flair. The album is recorded together with igil player Sholban Mongush. All very interesting but for an untrained ear I have found it quite hard to listen to.  Check out Yat-Kha Official YT channel!

Yonder Mountain String Band "Suburban Girl" (Video, 2022). The Yonder Mountain String Band is a progressive bluegrass group from Nederland, Colorado. For 20 years, they have been redefining bluegrass music by pushing the envelope into realms of rock n' roll and improvisation. Watch "Suburban Girl" from the new album, "Get Yourself Outside."

Zoom with Shawn Kellerman "Chocolate Cake" (CD, Mouhaha Music, 2021). Born on a small farm in Michigan, the experience of hearing Koko Taylor’s raw tone changed Zoom's life. Hitting the road and gaining recognition, she was invited to join prestigious Chicago Blues Tours across Europe in the 90’s, but took a two decade hiatus from the music business to raise a family. Making the decision to get back in the business, she contacted her old friend and guitar player Shawn Kellerman. Check out their infectious funk and blues grooves at "Big Boss Woman"!

Various Artists

Various Artists "Best of 2021: Blues", "Best of 2021: Roots" (Free Downloadable Sampler, Continental Records Services, 2021). "Thanks a lot for all the support that our artists and their releases have received in 2021. With your support we have reached our fans and we are pulling through this Corona/Covid/Pandemic era as best we can. We hope that you all will keep listening to music, keep spinning tracks and writing reviews. SO: stay tuned for more great CRS Music in 2022. Below is what we did in 2021. The 2 samplers are available as free downloads. Have a grand, grand, grand 2022!" Check out Best of 2021: Blues, ft. Big Daddy Wilson, Chris Bergson, Guy Davis, Starlite Campbell Band, Corey Harris, Shawn Pittman, The Reverend Shawn Amos, Joanna Connor, Kris Wiley, Johnny Mastro & Mama Boys, Wee Willie Walker, Cuby & The Blizzards; Best of 2021: Roots, ft. Dean Owens, Shaye Zadravec, Anna Elizabeth Laube, The Hello Darlins, Martha Fields, The Secret Combination, Robert Jon and the Wreck, Ted Russell Kamp, Jim Keller, Doug Hoekstra.

German CD Review

Various Artists "In the year 2021 - Looking back at 40 years of JARO music" (CD, JARO Medien, 2021). JARO Medien GmbH turned 40, making it one of the oldest independent record labels in Germany. Only a few of the young companies from back then managed to publish continuously over such a long period of time and constantly discover new projects, as Ulrich Balß did with his label. To date, 280 music productions have been released on the JARO record label, including The Bulgarian Voices Angelité, Nusrath Fateh Ali Khan and the Warsaw Village Band. This 3-CD-Jubilee-set couldn‘t possibly encompass all the JARO artists. The selections here are either outstanding, ahead-of-their-time recordings, or important documentations of JARO’s overall output. Listen to the music on SPOTIFY!

Various Artists "Official Folk Albums Chart of the Year Show" (Video, 2022). Join English Folk Expo and Folk on Foot for a very special show streamed live from Cecil Sharp House. The Official Folk Albums Chart of the Year Show looks back at the highlights of 2021, the very first full year of The Official Folk Albums Chart. Featuring Gwenifer Raymond, John Francis Flynn, Spiers and Boden, Tribute to Norma Waterson, Spell Songs, Katherine Priddy, and The Longest Johns.

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