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  The “New Normal” (Pandemic, War, etc.)

Northern Resonance

Artist Video Northern Resonance @ FROG

Hello. On February 17, just before Russian military forces invaded Ukraine, Northern resonance, the new Scandinavian string trio, had a gig at the International Winter Arts Festival in Sochi, on the Black Sea. We were a bit anxious but all embassies guaranteed there would be no trouble. And hopefully, the concert with the symphony orchestra at the Parade of Stars and World Premieres was a success.

Running events and concerts in the “New Normal” (pandemic, war, etc.) is bringing many questions to my mind. But music can play an important role by bringing people together to share what they hold in common. These last days, many cultural organisations have issued important statements calling for peace and dialogue, and the solidarity ecosystem is waking up.

Our friends at the Hungarian Heritage House who hosted the European Folk Network last conference in November are very active. They ran many projects in Ukraine (see and of course have many colleagues and relatives there too. I will go for supporting them.

I have heard that many countries are sending weapons and military equipment. I am of the idea that providing the civil society movement with a similar budget to support peace education, intercultural dialogue, and cultural cooperation could also make sense.

Something we can do! Eric E. van Monckhoven at MUSIC4YOU


Ukrainian promoters | "Right now, it's a matter of survival"
H2D and Music Export Ukraine discuss their current circumstances, the industry’s campaign against misinformation and future relations between Russia and Ukraine

Humanitarian Cooperation | Hungarian Heritage House
Please scroll down for English A Hagyományok Háza a szomszédunkban kialakult háborús helyzetre reagálva a következőkkel kíván segítséget nyújtani az arra rászorulóknak:

Antiwar songs

Antiwar Songs (AWS)
A large database of anti-war songs

  Thank You ...

Mia Guldhammer & Morten Alfred Høirup "Tral, Tråd & Traditioner"

Tral, Tråd & Traditioner

Artist Video Thank you for your review from November - I am impressed though when seeing how well seems to be doing. I am still working on developing We just got a new website. We are partly financed by the Ministry of Culture. Sounds much better than it actually is, I am afraid, but still. I hope that you and yours are well during these crazy times... All best, Morten Alfred Høirup (,

Patrick Mangan & Friends "The Frost Is All Over"

Thank you so much for this thoughtful and generous review! I really appreciate the time you took to dig into the tunes, and so glad you enjoyed the album. I feel like you really "got it," exactly as I was hoping a listener would understand and appreciate the musical choices ;) Many thanks again, I will share on my social media. All the best, Pat Mangan (

Aggie Whyte "East Galway Fiddle Music"

Thank you for the lovely review of the Aggie Whyte Album. I really appreciate how thorough and honest your review is. I hope you are keeping well and have a great 2022! All the best, Michael Harrison

Emma Langford "Quiet Giant", "Sowing Acorns"

Thank you! I really appreciate the reviews for Quiet Giant and Sowing Acorns - Gabriele wonderfully captured the energy of both records! All the best - and happy new year, Emma Langford (

  Megson: How Boris Saved Christmas

Artist Video

Hope you like our home-made video! Our daughter Lola asked us to write a Christmas song about lockdown... we couldn't quite do it, but came up with this instead - no irony of course ;-)


How Boris Saved Christmas 

My sister got a hamster 
When she was eight years old
Keep him in the bedroom
We were always told

But mooching round the house 
Was our hamsters favourite game
He was greedy, fat and lazy 
And Boris was his name...

Artist Video

… a brave attempt, but ultimately I think it misses its target. But this, by Megson, is a veritable masterpiece… I have written at length on it down the years… it moves me greatly, even though there are some moments when one smiles. I genuinely considered it a subject for my series for you… but I am not sure I have sufficient to say that is interesting. I still smile at the 'thanks for his scone' line… as if gritty, blue collar Middlesbrough FC fans of all people would eat scones… which are I reckon too effete for their tastes…!! The locals are known as 'Smoggies' because they live in a town where the ICI plant pumps out industrial fumes which used to cause a huge smog over the town in certain weather conditions… though it has become much reduced in recent years… and one is now always able to see the very pretty countryside surrounding the town. A profound song: one that tells us all never to give up hope. And a song beautifully performed. How I love Debbie's harmonic line… TTFN, David "Dai" Woosnam


Megson @ FROG

The Longshot (Stu & Debbie Hanna)

Was a pretty good game today, we could a won by two or three
But all of the lads were there, even cousins Joe and Steve
And old Bob sittin' on the end, what a foul mouth that man's got
When they missed the goal from the penalty box, I swear he was gonna get shot
Well thanks for my half time pie, cousin Joe says thanks for his scone
I didn't have a go at the half time draw, cos the odds were 10, 000 to one
But old Bob sittin' on the end, puts the fivers on each week,
And when I asked him what the heck he did it for, he said 'son, one day you'll see'

You take the long shot, if that's all there is,
And put it in a very safe place where your doubt can't get to it
Cos once you're certain, that all hope is gone, a long shot is better than none...

Was a shocker of a game today, the lads they huffed and puffed, but
3 nil down by the half time break, I knew we were gonna get stuffed
But old Bob stuck out to the end, and when we nicked two quick goals in
And their keeper ran out to the half way line, well should have heard Bobby sing

You take the long shot, if that's all there is,
And put it in a very safe place where your doubt can't get to it
Cos once you're certain, that all hope is gone, a long shot is better than none...
Was a quiet old game today, we haven't seen Bob for a month, and
Everyone knows he's not coming back, but his seat's still never been touched
And Joe said he'd heard the worst, that he'd finally popped his socks
But I reckon the sod won his half time draw, now he sits in a corporate box
He took his long shot, took his long shot
Was a critical game today, well we got thumped seven to nowt, but
If there was a prize for the best own goal, I think we'd be in with a shout
But Joe was miserable as sin, and Steve said he's gutted too, cos
There's sod all chance that we can stay up now, but I said any old chance'll do
I'll take the long shot, if that's all there is,
And put it in a very safe place where your doubt can't get to it
Cos once you're certain, that all hope is gone, a long shot is better than none...
A long shot is better than none...

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