FolkWorld #74 03/2021
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Sean Taylor

2020 is a year that we will never forget. Fear and isolation painted the background for my latest album called Lockdown. Written and recorded during this most turbulent of years.

I have always found the darkness a dangerously productive spark for creativity. As the world has been turned upside down the songs and lyrics flowed and flowed.

Sean Taylor

Artist Video Sean Taylor @ FROG

The longest time I have ever been off the road has been tough. Every day I have woken up early and worked on the album. Lockdown was recorded at home in London with overdubs from producer and long-time collaborator Mark Hallman in Austin, Texas.

Seven out of the ten tracks are political, spoken word pieces. Because we are fighting for our lives, now is the time to take sides. No more scapegoats. We are all complicit in our staged democracy.

More people have died from Coronavirus in the UK than any other country in Europe. The UK and America have been at the forefront of this failure of capitalism. Private companies and corrupt governments have failed miserably leading to thousands of preventable deaths.

Belief in capitalism has created this crisis: the endless pursuit of profit has led to a climate emergency. In turn a global mass movement of planetary defenders has been mobilised. The March Is On. The impact of Black Lives Matter, and climate justice campaigns, and Free Palestine movements challenge the establishment, offering hope and resistance.

In this time of economic and political unrest, minorities become the common enemy and are used as scapegoats. Chained to our phones, we are overwhelmed with a never-ending firehose of manipulation and hatred. Free To Do.

The celebration of diversity is the most effective challenge to the racism of the far right. The beauty of multiculturalism are the flowers that grow in the gardens of diversity. No Borders.

Lockdown has been a struggle for everyone. Yet for the first time in my life I have time to do the things I’ve always wanted to. I have been learning classical piano,and discovering a new world that is magical and challenging. Für Elise and Moonlight Sonata.

This album is dedicated to the victims of coronavirus. Wear a mask, socially distance, and look after each other. Peace and stay safe.

P.S.: I have no plans to release this album on Spotify or any other streaming service which pays pennies for music which costs thousands to make. If you would like to support my music, so I can make more of it, buy the cds on or download the album on Bandcamp! Thanks so much for supporting my music. It is a tough time for artists but to quote Cormac McCarthy 'you have to carry the fire'.

Photo Credits: (1ff) Sean Taylor (by Folk Club Bonn).

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