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Danny Kyle Bits and Pieces

Here you can find a selection of bits and pieces, collected mainly during the year after Danny Kyle's death. Last Update: 01.07.2002

Danny Kyle remembered...
Scotland, July 2002. As we hear from a Scottish reader visiting the Sma Shot Cottages in Paisley, you can find there now a plaque to the late and great Scottish folk hero Danny Kyle, put up by his three sisters. As he comments: "It's great Danny has a plaque at the Sma Shot Cottages, a remnant of Old Paisley in a modern part of the town. He was proud of being a Buddy (what they call natives of Paisley) and if you wanted to kid him on all you had to do was to say that he was a Glaswegian or suggest that Paisley was really part of Glasgow. Incidentally, the Sma Shot Cottages are fully restored and furnished 18th Century weavers' cottages with photographs, artifacts of local interest. Each has individual themes, and contains perfect recreations of 18th and 19th Century daily life complete with bone curtlery and ancient looms. See The photo on the left is also from that website.

Davy Steele died
Scotland, April 2001. Davy Steele, a friend of Danny Kyle, passed away on the 11th April 2001. In October 1999, Davy Steel had also contributed a story to Danny Kyle'e Corner. Scotland has lost another great singer and musicians, but most of all a wonderful person.
More info in FolkWorld News.

Danny Kyle in Tonder 98; photo by The Mollis

Danny Returning to the festival circuit
Scotland, Summer 1999. The summer saw the return of Danny to the festival circuit. He was welcomed all over the place, and who knows, maybe in the tribute Danny figure, Danny's friendly ghost lives on... Click here to read more about it.
Scotland, Winter 1999. At the Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow, Danny Kyle's Open Stage was successfully continued, with Gibb Todd as the new host. And there, we found out, that Danny Kyle's Open Stage will live on not only at Celtic Connections. Click here to read the full live review. Also we have a little live review from the Danny Kyle Tribute Concert and Mashie Figure Appeal in Stonehaven which was a huge success, and will be followed by the fact that Danny joins the immortals. Click here for the Tribute Concert Review. And do not forget to read the little Danny Kyle story Colum Sands has sent us - click here!

Danny Kyle and Billy Connolly; photo by The Mollis A great goodbye
Paisley, July 1998. Danny was said 'goodbye' in a 'gathering' party at Paisley Town Hall on Thursday, 9th July, after a service at Woodside Crematorium. The participants report that it has been a night full of music, song and memories - a night just like Danny would have loved!

Second album
Scotland, July 1998. Danny Kyle's second album and first CD is out. Recorded shortly before Danny's death, it is a superb memory of the late great little man. Earlier on, we reported that Danny's first album was recorded shortly before his death. Tom Kyle from Winnipeg, Canada, a cousin of Danny's having not seen him for 50 years, but having followed his career from a distance, gave us a correction: "You mention Danny's 'First album' - I have an album produced in 1975; "Danny Kyle Live - Ah'll get ye !" Pan-Audio - Stereo # PA005) with the Vindscreen Vipers, and Gallagher and Lyle. It's a hoot". Both albums are reviewed in Danny's Corner

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Danny Banner; photo by The Mollis

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