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The Dead South Served Live

The Dead South

Artist Video The Dead South @ FROG

Finally... the live-album of our bluegrass/folk-heroes with 17 songs is coming!

The Dead South: Served Live
Tracklist: 1. Diamond Ring | 2. Blue Trash | 3. Black Lung | 4. The Recap | 5. Boots | 6. Spaghetti | 7. Miss Mary | 8. Broken Cowboy | 9. That Bastard Son | 10. Snakeman Pt. 1 & 2 | 11. Time For Crawlin' | 12. Fat Little Killer Boy | 13. Heaven In A Wheelbarrow | 14. In Hell I'll Be In Good Company | 15. Honey You | 16. Travellin' Man | 17. Banjo Odyssey |

The Dead South "Served Live", DevilDuck Records, 2021

Artist Video The Dead South released 'The Recap' as a teaser with a live video with material from all over the world!

Over six years ago we discovered the four gentlemen of The Dead South from Regina, Saskatchewan during Canadian Music Week in Toronto in the late evening at a rather sparsely filled club. Our enthusiasm was accompanied with a contract signing – that's the story behind DevilDuck releasing The Dead South's debut "Good Company" back in November 2014. And of course we are very very proud that we can say that we have had great success with the band and that we can celebrate that with this double live album called "Served Live"!

Of course it's not a new idea to release a live album, but if there's any band that SHOULD release a live album it's The Dead South with their legendary live shows and their strengths on stage which is very hard to capture in a studio: irrepressible joy, genre-destructing live-dynamic, a good pinch of humor and them always pushing each other are just a few attributes to name here...

The 17 songs on the album were recorded at 17 different shows, 'cause the band wanted to gift a "Thank You" to as many fans as possible, but sadly Covid-19 came and spiked those plans... That's why sadly there aren't any German shows on the album (even though it all started over here...), but there are shows from all over the world: USA (L.A., Seattle, Portland, Boston, Atlanta, Denver, NY), UK (Manchester, London, Newcastle, Portsmouth, Belfast, Dublin) und of course Canada (Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal). The Europe-Tour was planned in spring 2020, but then it came quite differently as we all know now...

But after all "Served Live" still is an astonishing energetic and authentic live-documentation, that will even make the German fans very happy – maybe it will act as a comforting alternative while waiting for the next live tour!

The Dead South

The Dead South LIVE in Europe:

02.11.2021 – Wiesbaden – Schlachthof
03.11.2021 – Amsterdam – Melkweg Max
04.11.2021 – Düsseldorf – Zakk
07.11.2021 – Hamburg – Docks
08.11.2021 – Stuttgart – Longhorn
09.11.2021 – Nürnberg – Hirsch
10.11.2021 – Berlin – Columbiahalle
12.11.2021 – Krakau – Klub Studio
13.11.2021 – Warschau – Palladium
14.11.2021 – Danzig – Stary Manez
15.11.2021 – Dresden – Alter Schlachthof
16.11.2021 – Wroclaw – Concert Center A2
18.11.2021 – Budapest – Akvarium Klub
19.11.2021 – Bratislava – Majestic Music Club
20.11.2021 – Prag – Forum Karlin
21.11.2021 – Graz – PPC  

The Dead South

Photo Credits: (1ff) The Dead South (unknown/website).

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