FolkWorld Issue 36 07/2008

Letters to the Editors

Cyril Tawney "Nautical Tawney:
Songs of the Old Seafarers"

Cyril Tawney Live Recordings Needed

Recordings of Cyril Tawney's concert and club appearances are needed for inclusion in his Archive, which will be held by the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library at the English Folk Dance and Song Society in London, and I wonder if any of your readers/listeners can help. I have already received several very useful items, but there are still some gaps to be filled, particularly by the many traditional songs in his repertoire which were not recorded commercially. I'm also keen to have examples of his more quirky items, for my own pleasure and for the Archive - here are some examples to jog memories:

Most of all in this category I would love to have a recording of Baltimore Oriole, a beautiful, bluesy Hoagy Carmichael song which Cyril rarely sang in public. Here's a reminder of the opening lines: 'Baltimore Oriole, took one look at that mercury, forty below, no life for a lady, to be draggin' her feathers around in the snow' We have no recordings of the themed presentations which he occasionally gave at Festivals and Arts Centres: "Tawney in Depth", "Hands to Dance and Skylark" and "Royal Navy Humour". Does anyone have these, please? Even if the songs you have are covered elsewhere, Cyril's introductions were very much a part of his performances and the live sessions will help to complete the record of his career.

Thank you very much, Rosemary Tawney
Mick West: A Poor Man's Labour

Thank you for your review of 'A Poor Man's Labour' in the latest edition of Folkworld. Little encouragements like this really help to keep my spirit up in what can be, at times, be a very discouraging scene where most of the attention is given to 'the latest kid on the block' and older, lower profile artists can be swept to one side so easily.

Best wishes, Mick West
Scandinavian Folk Blog

Hi! My name is Annika and I am from Sweden. I'm a regular reader of FolkWorld, your magazine rocks! I just wondered if it was possible to put a link on FROG to my blog about folk music in scandinavia? I would appreciate it very much... It's just a blog at the moment but I want to turn it into an online magazine.

Thank you very much! Best regards, Annika Byrde (Falun, Sweden)

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