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Rosapaeda - CD CoverFolkWorld's editors, Michael & Christian Moll, have taken here the difficult task to find out - subjectively - about the best 10 CDs of 2001 that have arrived for review at FolkWorld magazine.

  1. The best CD of 2001: Rosapaeda "in forma di rosa" (Italy)
    In the latest issue of this magazine the review of Rosapeda's first album 'Facce' said: "A strong voice with a strong band - all in all a very strong album. I am waiting for the follow up album!" Here it is already - and indeed waiting was worth it, asthe album directly found its way onto the first place of FolkWorld's Top Ten (editors choice) of the best albums of the year 2001! Congratulations to Rosapaeda and her band. 'In forma di rosa' presents music and song from the mediterranean, with focus on the South of Italy. The music is fascinating with plenty of most special moments. Only small negative point is that the CD is with less than 40 minutes quite short - but in the end it is quality that matters, not quantity.
    A full review will appear in the next issue.

  2. The second best CD of 2001: Olla Vogala "Fantoom" (Belgium)
    Very strong and moving folk music on this second CD of the Belgian folk and world music big band. Their musical influences are broad, yet the music is one overall art work. The music is full of energy, unique and unconventional. The instruments played in Olla Vogala include sax (up to three), violin (also up to three), hurdy gurdy, bagpipe, trumpet, accordion, diverse string instruments and two very different singers, one singing in French, the other in an arabic language. A fascinating piece of art - absolutely stunning and breathtaking.
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    Olla Vogala - CD cover

  3. The third best CD of 2001: Duncan Chisholm "Door of Saints" (Scotland)
    Duncan Chisholm, fiddler from Scotland and known by his collaborations with Ivan Drever and as part of Wolfstone, shows on his new album beautifully his big talent. With a lot of feeling and skill he presents traditional and contemporary tunes. Quite a lot of the tunes are rather well known, including several Gaelic songs interpreted instrumentally only, yet revealing their full beauty. Along to those there is also an Ivan Drever as well as a Kepa Junkera tune. Duncan is masterfully accompanied by a bunch of great musicians, including Ivan Drever and Phil Cunningham. The only little draw-back is the shortness of the CD (just over 40 minutes), yet it is a masterpiece from the start to the end.
    A full review will appear in the next issue.

  4. Hoven Droven "Hippa" (Sweden)
    A bit more "unplugged" than usual, Sweden's happiest band have created a powerful album of Swedish folk rock music - their best one so far.
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  5. Gabriel Yacoub "Y" (France)
    The singer/songwriter/guitarist of Malicorne fame sets off with an album with mainly own songs, yet with a more innovative folk accompaniment.
    A full review will appear in the next issue.

  6. Token Women "Elsa" (England) Dncan Chisholm - CD cover
    An inspiring album of this superb all-female band, combining brass instruments with folk fiddles and percussion, and English with international folk music.
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  7. Törf "Op Roemte" (Netherlands)
    From this long and strong going Frisian band a great new CD, a bit melancholic with lots of atmosphere.
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  8. Di Grine Kuzine "Feribot" (Germany/Eastern Europe)
    A special band from Berlin, playing music from the heart of Europe, they call their music 'Klezmer Balkan Brass' - excellent CD.
    A full review will appear in the next issue.

  9. Maria Kalaniemi & Sven Ahlbäck "Ilmajousi - Luftstråk" (Finland/Sweden)
    Collaboration of Finnish accordenist and Swedish fiddler, plus nyckelharpa player and singer. A mix of Swedish and Finnish traditions, every number of the album is a delight.
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  10. Dermot Hyde & Tom Hake "Pipeline" (Germany/Ireland/Scotland)
    One of the surprises this year: A brilliant album by a German and an uilleann piper from the Isles, featuring Celtic music par excellence.
    Read the full FolkWorld review (German only)

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The Mollis - Editors of FolkWorld; Published 01/2001

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