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FolkWorld - as one of the biggest ressources for European Folk & World Music on the net - presents here once again the favourites of new Folk CDs that have appeared in the year 2001. Rosapaeda - CD Cover

FolkWorld's Best CDs 2001- Editors' Choice - No. 1: Rosapaeda from Italy with "In forma di Rosa"
FolkWorld's Best Live Acts 2001 - Editors' Choice - the most memorable live bands of the editors
FolkWorld's Best CDs 2001 - Staff's choices - FolkWorld's contributors with their CD Top 5

FolkWorld's Best CDs 2001 - Readers' Choice - the results of FolkWorld's Readers' Poll;
No. 1: Lunasa from Ireland with "The Merry Sisters of Fate"

A short comment from the editors

Lunasa CD CoverThe year 2001 has seen plenty of great CD releases. FolkWorld has reviewed in this year more than 300 CD releases, mostly of European folk artists. And these 300 CDs are just a small percentage of what has been published in the folk world in 2001. This internet magazine always wants to help its readers to discover the most exciting new CDs. As every year, FolkWorld's editors have selected their favourite 10 CDs and live acts of the year, and FolkWorld's readers have given in FolkWorld's Readers' Poll their opinion on the best CDs. To give our readers an even broader inspiration, we publish this year for the first time also CD Top 5 listings of FolkWorld's regular contributors.

Unlike last year, this year has not distilled the definite favourite CDs of the folk scene. Comparing the editors' choice with the Readers' choice and the staff's choice, all personal favourites are individual lists, with very few CDs appearing in several lists. Nevertheless, these listings remind again of a lot of memorable releases of 2001, and hopefully act as an inspiration for FolkWorld's Readers. Being an inspiration is in the end the only purpose these listings can have - as all personal listings have to be subjective and have to be a matter of unique personal taste.

A happy new year with many great new folk music discoveries to you all!

Michael & Christian Moll, FolkWorld's editors.


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The Mollis - Editors of FolkWorld; Published 01/2002

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