FolkWorld presents: Danny story

"Danny quirky quickness"
by Davy Steele

One of the hundreds of legendary stories happened at Tarbert Festival in beautiful Loch Fyne. Danny was doing his MC inthe town hall concert, bit but also started the night off.

Danny Kyle talking with ??; photo by The MollisAmongst his very funny songs Danny loved to throw in "Coorie Doon" a miners lullaby. His only real serious moment; just after he started singing, these two old wifies walk in, veryloudly. They proceeded to look for their seats talking all the time in a hall where you could hear a pin drop duringDanny's song. No amount of staring (well Glowring really, a great Scots word for staring in a very menacing manner) couldstop these two women blethering loudly. We the audience felt for Danny and were also embarrassed for him. At the end ofthe song there was a muted kind of applause.

Danny looked at the women and said very politely "Excuse me but are you two sisters," the two women were delighted by his interest and said no giggling all the time. Then Danny hit them with a cracker, and reaped his revenge.
"Its just I was waiting for Cinderella" The audience to a person, including me, near collapsed with laughter.

Danny was a Scot who taught me that the only way I can be proud, is when I allow others their pride. Slainte.

Davy Steele.

Note from the Editors, April 2001: It is with great sadness that we hear of the death of Davy Steele. Another of the great Scottish characters has gone. Who knows, maybe he is now sitting around up there joking with Danny...

Photo Credit: Danny Kyle talking with ??; by The Mollis

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