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A little Danny Kyle story
by Gerald Trebaticky from Germany

When I first met Danny in Tønder in Denmark on the worlds best folk festival, he was somehow the firstperson that seemed to respect me as somebody. My mistake was to add to the words I am from germany a "and i am not proud of it". This led into a 3 (!) hours long discussion in which Danny argumented why I should be proud to be German. In the end he got me.

Danny Kyle and Brian McNeill; photo by The Mollis

A little funny story that we had with danny was the following: On the Tønder Festival it is usual that the Monday when the festival officially is ended, there is a big party for all the workers arranged by all the press people, guests and musicians. You know how these parties end...
It was something about five in the morning; we sat around a beertable and Danny was sitting back to us when we noticed that he started falling asleep. The deeper Danny went into sleep the more he was bending to one side, nearly falling off the beerbench he sat on. So we started shouting him commands to which side he should correct his position to keep himself upright. This went on for nearly 15 minutes, everybody had great fun giving Danny commandos.
The whole thing ended when danny appruptly turned around and, with the redesteyes you have ever seen, informed us "I am not drunk". He played his game with us while we were thinking we played ours with him.

I miss you Danny, and you made me proud to be German.

Gerald Trebaticky

Photo Credit: Danny Kyle and Brian McNeill in Tønder; byThe Mollis

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