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The Mollis' Danny Kyle Photo Album

We have had a running game with Danny, always shooting funny photographs of each other. These photos were used for some great jokes - we created Danny Kyle stickers and T-shirts, while Danny compiled a book with the worst photos of us and a funny and crazy story called 'The terrible Story of Michael and Christian by the Grimm brothers'.
That's the reason why we have a huge archive of Danny photos of the last few years. All photos on this page are copyright The Mollis.

Danny Kyle; photo by The MollisDanny singing his famous 'Yawning Song'. With this song, Danny always had in the end some people in the audience starting to yawn. Danny then was always happy and told the audience of his success.
This photo was taken during Rostrevor's Fiddler's Green Festival 96 in Rostrevor, in the Pub of Barbara, Ben Sands' wife. Danny has been a very regular visitor of this Northern Irish Festival; he was also a close friend of the Sands Family.

Danny Kyle in Tonder 97; photo by The MollisOne of Danny's many favourite festivals was the Tønder Festival in Denmark. He used to be there regularly, and when he was there, it was sure that you would find regularly a bunch of Scots around him singing songs.
This photo was taken in 1997, at the Grande Finale of the Festival when all musicians of the festival gathered on the stage to sing the Tønder Classic 'Will the Circle Be Unbroken'. A happy Danny with Allan Taylor, Sharon Shannon and Joannie Madden.

Danny at the Bute beach party 95; photo by The MollisHere we have Danny listening to the American Indian stories of Chuck, at the beach party of the Isle of Bute Festival 95. He looked very much like all the other children being fascniated by the stories. Watch out for his camera - he was just again trying to make some more bad photos of us.

Danny Kyle and Billy Connolly; photo by The MollisAnother great friend of Danny: Billy Connolly. Here they are talking in the late night club of the Isle of Bute Folk Festival...

Danny Kyle and Brian McNeill; photo by The MollisThis is the last ever photo we have of Danny, from Tønder 97. Danny had during the Curry Party a set with his friend Brian McNeill which was just great. Danny in shorts on stage, then Brian joined him, and borrowed Danny's bonnet....
Tønder used to be also a firm favourite of Danny's close friend Hamish Imlach who used to be the chef de cuisine of the huge curry pot for the servant's party on Monday night. Without doubt, both of them are sitting now somewhere in Heaven or in Hell cooking there a Curry...

Danny Kyle with guitar; photo by The MollisAnother photo from a Bute Festival beach party. Here Danny is just on his way to the ladies from Glasgow to start with them and a few Germans and other friends a singing session. Believe it or not - that day was a hot summer's day in Scotland - although it was the day of the often very wet Bute beach party...

Danny; photo by The MollisA beautiful pic of Danny; from Bute 1997. Watch out for his beautiful tie...

Danny Kyle; drawing by Anke DammannWe ordered this drawing from a friend of us, Anke Dammann from Wuppertal, Germany, who is a superb artist. We had T-Shirts with this drawing - Danny loved it!

Danny with ???; photo by The MollisDanny Kyle talking to a Northern Irish guy in Rostrevor in 1996. The tie he is wearing was, as he said, his tie for funerals...

Danny's son and daughter; photo by The MollisDanny Kyle's Open Stage lives on also after Danny's death. This picture shows the end of Celtic Connections 1999 Open Stage, with Danny's son and daughter who are now parton of Danny Kyle's Open Stage. Here they are singing Danny's game-version of 'My Bonnie is over the Ocean', with the audience having to get up or down with every word that starts with a 'B' - very funny.
By the way, the best six artists of Danny Kyle's Open Stage at Celtic Connections received 'Dannys' as awards which is just a great idea! You can read more about Danny Kyle's Open Stages in a feature in Danny's Corner.

Danny Figure; photo by The MollisIn summer 1999, suddenly Danny sat in the room in front of us, looking exactly like we remembered him. It is a great Mashie figure, being very realistic, and it is easy to believe that Danny's friendly ghost lives in there!

Danny witht the Peatbog Fairies; photo by The MollisOn the Isle of Bute Folk Festival 99 Danny (in Mashie version) even joined the Peatbog Fairies on stage. He obviously enjoyed this experience, and was celebrated by the dancing audience! It is good to see that Danny is back on the festival circuit!

One photo is still left - that's our banner. It shows Danny in a relaxed way; this is during the Arthur Argo concert in front of the St Leonards, at the Stonehaven Folk Festival...

Danny Banner; photo by The Mollis

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