The following poem was found in the August edition of the Stirling Folk Club Newsletter 'Folknotes'. It is written by the Stirling Folk Club regular Jim Dale.

FolkWorld presents: Danny poem by J.S. Dale:

How Danny Kyle helped Roy Rogers to get into heaven

Danny Kyle with guitar; photo by The Mollis

After Roy Rogers snuffed it he arrived at the pearly gates
Peter says, 'Roy, you've been a good boy, but you will have to wait
I've a special coming in, a wee guy with lots of style,
An old guitar, a loads of puns, they call him Danny Kyle.

See, here he comes this minute, still carrying that guitar;
Both battered round the edges like they've both been in a war.
Now Danny, I see you're a Paisley buddy, and that'll serve you well,
For anyone from Paisley has done their time in Hell.'

'Hi there, Roy', says Danny boy. 'That's the wife there, I suppose'
Trigger says 'Neigh, no damn way, but we were kinda close,
No, Dales, alive and kicking but worried as can be
I died back in sixty-five and was stuffed for all to see.'

Danny Kyle in Tonder 98; photo by The Mollis

Just then a laugh and a chuckle came from down below,
Danny shouts, 'Alex and big Hamish, I really have to go.
I couldn't swap this old Gibson for a heavenly lyre
And by the sweet smell coming up from Hell, there's a curry on the fire.'

So Roy got Danny's heavenly place and brushed away some tears
For singing there in harmony were the Sons of the Pioneers
But the wee man's at a ceilidh from now to evermore
Wi' Josh and Alex, Hamish and Belle and many zillions more.

J. S. Dale
9th July 1998

Jim penned this when he saw that Danny Kyle and Roy Rogers shared the obituary column of the Herald newspaper. Jim reckoned that with Danny's track record he would have helped Roy anyway - given him a leg up. What changes in heaven?

Photo Credit: The Mollis

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