FolkWorld #81 11/2023
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The F Word

Ben Sands

Artist Video Ben Sands @ FROG

Happy October, everyone! Warm greetings from Autumnal Ireland – I hope you are all as healthy and happy as possible in these strange times that we are living through.

The sadness and madness of War continue to find new victims every day, bringing untold death, misery and destruction to very, very many and untold wealth and power to the very, very few who benefit from conflict. It is so heart-breaking to behold on the so-called TV “News” every day.

More than 20 years ago I wrote a song with the lines –

“I wonder who decides what’s on the News

And how are we to know if it is true ...”

Ben Sands

I am still wondering.

After several very enjoyable concerts in Germany in the past couple of months, I head back there again, next week. Hopefully, I will meet some of you in the next weeks and months – I look forward to that!

For now, stay healthy and safe! Best wishes, BEN

P.S.: I’ve been neglecting my List Mail writing recently – without any really good excuse. Terrible, I know. But, in my defence, I can point to considerable travelling and performing, mainly in Germany - and also finalising the preparation of my long-awaited Song Book! The Song Book project has been running on and on for much longer than I had expected. I suppose that happens with nearly ALL projects, musical or otherwise but I must confess that I am REALLY happy to be able to announce that the end is finally in sight! Just a couple of days ago, the final draft of the Book was sent to the Printers and I look forward to seeing the finished product by the end of November! Above is a sneak preview of the cover page, featuring my wee granddaughter, Erin with the iconic mountain, Slieve Gullion in the background. More news and information about ordering/buying the Song Book very, very soon.

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