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Free from Boundaries and Prejudices

Violinist and composer Annelene Toft Christensen is releasing her debutalbum Dunkel. The album is a dynamic and melodic bid for how folk fusion can sound like today, with catchy melodies that give the feeling of recognizability.

Annelene Toft Christensen

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Annelene "Dunkel", 2021

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On the album, Annelene has moved into a world where music has no boundaries and where everything is allowed. "For me, the most important thing is to make music that people will listen to, and that can break free from boundaries and prejudices!"

With musicians from “Vesselil”, “Som Os” and Gunnar Sjur Ringøen on hammond organ, there are elements from classical, jazz, world and folk music, which provides an exciting collection of melodies and a very varied album.

Annelene grew up with folk music and folk dance, and have in her time at the conservatory played with musicians from different musical backgrounds, which has given her the opportunity to experiment and move into new colors of music.

Annelene plays in bands that are well known on the danish folk music scene, and have in her time been nominated several times for DMA Roots. Annelene started the band "Som Os", which among other things will play at Tønder Festival 2021, and who played debut concerts with Dreamers Circus in the autumn of 2020.


My name is Annelene. I grew up in a home where folk music and folk dance was a way of life. So - my parents are folk musicians, and my mother even a folk dance instructor. Ever since I was a child, I have been involved in dance balls, and on music nights and as a child I slept in a box next to my father's drum chair, under the nights' long dance balls, and before I could barely spell my own name, I stood and played on my violin the best I could if I was not dancing.

At a fairly young age, I was determined that music was what I wanted, and the dream of applying to the music conservatory was big. After my years in after school and high school, I applied to MGK (basic musical course) in Kolding, where I went to the folk music line.

In 2013, I applied to the Danish National academy at the folk music department in Esbjerg, where I became a bachelor in June 2016, and where I finished my master's degree in June 2018.In 2016 i had my exchange to Sibilus academy in Helsinki, where i had the pleasure of having Esko Järvelär as my teacher.

I finished the soloist education "Contemporary Creative artist" at the conservatory in Esbjerg as the first folk musician in DK, and in fact also as the first student from the education.I graduated in October 2020.

In 2016, I released an EP (1000 Timer) and the upcoming release Dunkel will be my first full-length debut album.

Photo Credits: (1) Annelene Toft Christensen, (2) folkBALTICA Ensemble, (3) Vesselil (unknown/website).

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