FolkWorld #71 03/2020

CD Reviews

»Nashville has become a bore. People go there to co-write with people they haven't met before or worse, people from the place they've just come from. Leave Americana to Americans. Stay at home and let your music-making imagination run free, unshackled by the templates and conventions of a place on someone else's continent [...] The music market is so heavily contracting via streaming, digital taxes, the collapse of physical distribution that viable business is impossible. Simply, people no longer see music as a transactional commodity. If you want to make music, do it for the artistry. And do something else for income. I believe the music industry as we’ve known it will come to be seen as an essentially 20th century phenomenon.«
– Colin Harper (The Legends of Tomorrow)

»The intention behind Klingra is to create music that stays in a particular mode for a long time, although constantly evolving and developing. Hopefully leading to a feeling of constantly being driven on an obscured path. Thus the idea is that the album should be listen to in one go as a whole, almost like a movie, and not only the separate scenes.«
– Kim Rafael Nyberg (Afenginn)

»The Heart, The Time, The Pen separates the themes of its title into three sections. Each section’s overall aesthetic carries its own unique sonic ambiance. Each section has four songs; the last song, the title track, embodies all three themes. Although intentionally constructed to go deeper into the writer’s psyche as the album progresses from beginning to end, this can also be listened to with the sections played in random order, still ending with the title track. The idea is to create a different effect with each configuration.«
– Dan Gallagher a.k.a. Crow vs Lion

»Big Road will be released in three formats: traditional CD, a gatefold vinyl album and a CD/DVD combo pack. In an age where recorded music has been devalued and relegated to a digital stream for smart phones, Big Road returns the listener to the golden age of record making, when enjoying an album was a tactile, visual and auditory experience.«
– Red House Records

  English Reviews

Firo "Det var en lørdagsaften" Norway
Soulsha "Carry it on" Senegal / USA
Tilly Moses "If I could gather all the songbirds" England
Bob Leslie "The barren fig" Scotland
FBB - Sibelius Academy Folk Big Band "Katrilli Toisesta Elämästä" Finland
Moussu T e lei Jovents "A la Ciotat - Best of" France
Perkelt "Air & Fire" England
Allison Lupton "Words of Love" Canada
Frode Nyvold "Soldater og redelig sjømenn" Norway
Steve Turner "Late Cut" England
Nick Wyke & Becky Driscoll "Cold light" England
Louisa Lyne & Di Yiddishe Kapelye "Lust" Sweden
Norman Mackay "The inventor" Scotland
Sadie and Jay "A passing of seasons" Australia
Tautumeitas "Songs from Auleja" Latvia
Torridon "Break the Chains" Scotland
Chris Gray "Chris Gray" Scotland
Ester Formosa & Elva Lutza "Cancionero" Spain / Italy
Windborne "Recollections | Revolutions" USA
June Tabor & Oysterband "Fire & Fleet: A Tour Memento" England
Lilt "X" USA
The Lasses "Undone" Netherlands
Westward The Light "Westward The Light" Scotland
Leonard Barry, Declan Folan, Shane McGowan "Hurry the Jug" Ireland
Will Woodson, Caitlin Finley, and Chris Stevens "The Glory Reel" USA
Ies Muller, David Munnelly "Detached" Belgium / Ireland
Julia Dignan "The Tea Wife" Scotland
Mossie Martin "Humours of Derrynacoosan" Ireland
Charlie Le Brun "Madness Is Convention" France
Dàibhidh Stiùbhard "An Sionnach Dubh" Northern Ireland
Seamus Egan "Early Bright" USA
Ewelina Grygier "szplin" Poland
Ross Miller "The Roke" Scotland
Lisa O'Neill "Heard A Long Gone Song" Ireland
Lisa O'Neill "The Wren, The Wren" Ireland
Andy Irvine "Old Dog Long Road Vol. 1 1961-2012" Ireland
Mozaik with Chrysoula Kechagioglou "The Long and Short Of It" Ireland / USA / Greece
Aoife Scott "Homebird" Ireland
Thomm Jutz "To Live In Two Worlds: Volume 1" USA
Mejram "Erase You" Sweden
Peat & Diesel "Light My Byre" Scotland
Xabi Aburruzaga "Bost" Spain
Penny Pascal "Grand Voyager" Denmark / Sweden
Alanna Jenish "Reflections" Canada
Kevin Burke "Sligo Made" Ireland
Jenna Reid "Working Hands" Scotland
Mike Katz & Alasdair White "Best Sets" Scotland
Inver "Heading Out" Denmark
Tailcoat "Tall Tales in Tiny Pieces" Denmark
Duo De Schepper Sarczuk "Port de Taipana" Belgium
Ellinor & Leonor "Årsringar" Sweden
Fidil "Decade" Ireland
Gangspil "2" Denmark
Gruberich "Im wilden Alpinistan" Germany
Andrea Beaton & Troy MacGillivray "Face the Music" Canada
Beòlach "All Hands" Canada
Branschke Armstrong Duo "Antithesis" Germany
Duo Gällmo Branschke "Double Yolks" Germany
Ewen Henderson "Steall" Scotland
Frigg "FriXX" Finland
Mairi Rankin & Eric Wright "The Cabin Sessions" Canada
The Revelers "Au Bout de la Rivière" USA
Tristan Driessens "A Folk Dancer's Journey" Belgium
Ian Robertson & Muriel Johnstone "Robertson: A Musical Heritage" Scotland
Sgoil Chiùil "The Final Trawl" Scotland
Blair Douglas "The Flyer" Scotland
Charlie Piggott "The Days That Are Gone" Ireland
Marla Fibish "The Bright Hollow Fog" USA
Petri Hakala & Markku Lepistö "Nordic Route" Finland
Rob Harbron "Meanders" England
Bragr "Live at Engelsholm Castle" Denmark
Three Cane Whale "303" England
Llan de Cubel "La Lluz Encesa" Spain
The Maniacs "The Maniacs" England
McGoldrick, McCusker, Doyle "The Reed that Bends in the Storm" Britain / Ireland
Randal Bays "Up the West" USA
Darol Anger "Fiddlistics" USA
The Fitzgeralds "The Fitzgeralds" Canada
Uaine "The Dimming of the Day" Ireland
Mari Black & Corey Pesaturo "Unscripted" USA
Peter Croft "Button Box Breakdown" England
The Bonny Men "The Broken Pledge" Ireland

Short & Sweet:

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Various Artists: "Dhannsadh Gun Dannsadh" | "Hrubá Hudba" | "Let the Rhythm Lead: Haiti Song Summit Vol. 1" | "Ronds et rondes – traditionell chantes du Bas-Berry"

  Deutsche Rezensionen

Kelpie "Danse mi vise" Germany / Scotland
Stellmäcke & Band und Annett Illig "Sehnsucht nach Dur" Germany
Vivid Curls "... nicht müde werden" Germany
Nadia Birkenstock "Whispering Woods" Germany
Duo Topolino "Torta Mista" Germany
Spui’maNovas "Kaleidoskop" Germany
Zirla "Abfahrt in fünf Minuten" Germany
Die Feuersteins "TANZ!" Germany
Laway "För All Dat - 40 Jahre Friesenfolk" Germany
Stormy Mondays "Nebraska" Spain
Stout "Undaunted" Germany
Colludie Stone "Streetwise" Germany
Kevin Burke "Sligo Made" Ireland
Inver "Heading Out" Denmark
Tailcoat "Tall Tales in Tiny Pieces" Denmark
Fidil "Decade" Ireland
An Erminig "Plomadeg" Germany
Gary Moore "Live From London" Ireland
Tom Keller "Where Are You Brother" Germany
Michael Witte "Der Hase Leben" Germany
Peat & Diesel "Light My Byre" Scotland
Lankum "The Livelong Day" Ireland
The Bonny Men "The Broken Pledge" Ireland
Thomm Jutz "To Live In Two Worlds: Volume 1" USA
Ies Muller, David Munnelly "Detached" Belgium / Ireland
Andy F. "Morbus Google" Switzerland
The Bulgarian Voices - Angelite "Heritage" Bulgaria
Earlybird Stringband "...the walls are in your mind" Norway
Emmi Kujanpää "Nani" Finland
Julia Schüler & Evin Küçükali "Katiju" Germany
Kronos Quartet & Masha & Marjan Vahdat "Placeless" USA / Iran
Lamia Bedioui & Solis Barki "Fin’amor" Greece
Massilia Sound System "Mix Tape" France
Mile Twelve "Onwards" USA
Otava Yo "Любишь ли ты?" (Liebst Du?) Russia
Paula Harris "Speakeasy" USA
Rising Appalachia "Leylines" USA
Romper "Sifting through the Rubble" USA
Schmidbauer, Pollina und Kälberer "Süden 2" Germany / Italy
Sonny Axell "Kick Back" France
VocaMe "Cathedrals" Germany
Melisande "Les Myriades" Canada
Kaja "Origo" Sweden
Cristina Branco "Branco" Portugal
Nicola Conte & Spiritual Galaxy "Let Your Light Shine On" Italy
Elvis Costello "Look Now" England
Mayra Andrade "Manga" Cape Verdes
Club des Belugas "Strange Things on the Sunny Side" Germany
Le Vent du Nord "Territoires" Canada
Chiara Civello "Eclipse" Italy

Kurz & bündig:

A Choir of Ghosts | Brooke Annibale | Artús | Ásgeir | Aisha Badru | Berge | Bibi | John Blek | Bodh'aktan | Bukahara | Burges, Gränzer, Schade | Cafè Loti | Brandi Carlile | Celtica | Cendes | Nico Chona | Corvus Corax | Death Machine | Dota | Drive-By Truckers | Dom DufF | Elina Duni | Exprompt | The Fitzgeralds | Fuchsteufelswild | Gankino Circus | Jay Gordon | Tim Grimm | Kaspar von Grünigen | Gruppa Karl-Marx-Stadt | Stephen Harrison | Øyvind Hegg-Lunde | Hello Emerson | Hellraisers'n Beerdrinkers | hila | Emma Hill | Hollow Coves | Hotel Hotel | Hudson Taylor | Ida & Louise | Incendio | In Extremo | Ingrimm | Irdorath | Jade Lagoon | Jawknee Music | Jewish Monkeys | Haley Johnsen | David Keenan | Kjellvandertonbruket | Köster & Hocker | Las Migas | Sam Lee | The Legends of Tomorrow | Les Yeux d'la Tête | Matthias Loibner | Peggy Luck | Maeve MacKinnon | Manni's Kleine Welt | Mani Matter | Manfred Maurenbrecher | Fabian M. Mueller | Native Harrow | Nobody Knows | Carlos Núñez | Oak Hill Road | Ocie Elliott | Pad Brapad | Davide Pannozzo | Polkageist | Jessica Pratt | Die Pretuler Buam | Janusz Prusinowski | Raabygg | Joshua Radin | Laura Rafetseder | Basel Rajoub | Nadia Reid | Sakina | Lucas Santtana | Schëppe Siwen | Luke Sital-Singh | Stoppok | Stumfol | Svenson | Norman Swoboda | Tamikrest | Three For Silver | Twelfth Day | Weißwurscht is | Wenzel | Götz Widmann | Zap Mama | Zenobia | 13 Crowes

Various Artists: "Kinshasa 1978"

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