FolkWorld Issue 43 11/2010

by Walkin' T:-)M


It needs no further emphasis that every artist who sends his CD to FolkWorld -- we're talking about thousand CDs every year -- gets his fair chance. Of course, you can't please everybody, so besides more or less impartial coverage and criticism some things are praised to the skies and others occasionally slated and scorched. It sometimes provokes hefty reactions and emotional outbreaks: "Libel!" "How about a new pair of ears!" "Great that nobody reads this anyway!"

As a matter of principle, every CD is treated alike and with respect - regardless of being produced by amateurs or professional artists. Thus we resist against subdividing reviews as being more or less important. We provide the necessary webspace. We also can only shake our heads when magazines try to tie a review with a subscription or an advertisement. Sure, it secures a benevolent review, but it isn't much worth. Reviews are written for the sake of those buying records and attending concerts. Only this aids the music and the music scene, and thus the musician himself in the long run.

FolkWorld's reviewers are independent and only bound by their conscience. Thus we should appreciate that Adolf, Alex, David, Eelco, Gabe, Karsten, Pio and all occasional writers spend their time and share their knowledge and opinion with us.

Keep on folkin', T:-)M.

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