FolkWorld Issue 42 07/2010; Photo Report

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Volcano Ride
folkBALTICA, 21-25 April 2010

It turned out to be a hot ride on the volcano... However, despite the chaos in the European airspace all 85 artists from countries around the Baltic Sea and especially from Latvia were on time and all 45 presentations of the 6th folkBALTICA festival in the German-Danish border region of Sønderjylland-Schleswig were taking place.

The Shin & Owl's Ethnographic Orchestra Frigg, ft. Landstreicher der Musikschule Flensburg

The Shin @ FolkWorld: FW#34, #37, #40, #41                      Icon Sound @

Owl's Ethnographic Orchestra @ FolkWorld: FW#39           Icon Sound @

Frigg @ FolkWorld: FW#35                                                    Icon Sound @

Auli Áilloš Laima Jansone

Auli @ FolkWorld: FW#37                                                        Icon Sound @

Áilloš                                                                                           Icon Sound @

Laima Jansone @ FolkWorld: FW#40                                      Icon Sound @

Photo Credits: (1) The Shin & Owl's Ethnographic Orchestra (Sam Jost); (2) Frigg, ft. Landstreicher, Musikschule Flensburg (Andreas Reese); (3) Auli (Florian Brunner); (4) Áilloš, (5) Laima Jansone (Eiko Wenzel). All pictures courtesy of folkBALTICA.

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