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FolkWorld CD Reviews

CD Reviews in English - Page 1
Iain MacInnes "Sealbh"Scotland
Fuxan os Ventos "Terra e Sonos"Spain
McCalmans "The Greentrax Years"Scotland
Mick West "Sark o' Snow"Scotland
Na h-Òganaich "Gun Stad"Scotland
Tamburellisti di Torrepaduli "Taranta Taranta"Italy
Väsen "Väsen Street"Sweden
Rallion "One for Sorrow ..."Scotland
Gavin Whelan "In full flight"Ireland
Cady Finlayson "Irish Coffee"USA
The House Devils "Adieu to Old Ireland"Britain
Cass Meurig & Nial Cain "Deuawd"Wales
Emily Smith & Jamie McClennan "Adoon Winding Nith"Scotland
Kathleen Loughnane "The Harpers Connellan"Ireland
Pete Seeger "Live in '65"USA
Sòmi de Granadas "Le champ des dunes"France
Susana Seivane "Os Soños que Volven"Spain
Luke Daniels & Jonathan Preiss "Above the Bellow"Ireland
Luke Daniels "Lost Music of the Gaels"Ireland
Luke Daniels "Art of Trio"Ireland
Runa "Jealousy"USA
Alan Stivell "Emerald"France
Colum Sands "Look Where I've Ended Up Now"Ireland
Martin Simpson "Prodigal Son"England
Boot "Soot"Sweden
Hiesix "Neue Klänge auf vergessenen Volksinstrumenten aus der alten Schweiz"Switzerland
Sean Tyrrell "Message of Peace"Ireland
Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club & Friends "Gates of Gold"Australia
Le Chéile "Out of the WestIreland
Rattle on the Stovepipe "No Use in Cryin'"England
Childsplay "Waiting for the Dawn"USA
Dobrek Bistro
CD Reviews in English - Page 2
Paul Brady "Welcome Here Kind Stranger"Ireland
Michael McGoldrick "Aurora"England
Cherish the Ladies "A Star in the East"USA
Kerfuffle "Lighten the Dark: A Midwinter Album"England
Robb Johnson & The Irregulars "The Ghost of Love"England
Julie Fowlis "Uam"Scotland
Na Bodach "Knickers Down Bottoms Up"USA
Brett Lipshutz & Randy Lee Gosa "Night and Day"USA
Shooglenifty "Murmichan"Scotland
Fred Morrison "Outlands"Scotland
Karl Skaarup "Musiker"Denmark
Sharon Shannon "Saints & Scoundrels"Ireland
Alistair McCulloch "4 Seasons in 1 Day"Scotland
Desi Wilkinson, Mairtin O'Connor, Frank Hall, Lena Ullman "Buffalo in the Castle"Ireland/USA/Sweden
Caladh Nua "Happy Days"Ireland
Maggie Adamson & Brian Nicholson "Back to the Hills"Scotland
Tom Byrne "Tom Byrne"Ireland
Tristan Le Govic "Awen"France
Beoga "The Incident"Ireland
The Askew Sisters & Craig Morgan Robson "The Axford Five"England
Jimmy "Illyrian Sun"USA
Mary Humphreys and Anahata "Cold Fen"England
Michael Graefe "Desert Blues"Germany
Markus Segschneider "Woodcraft"Germany
Rob McDade "Terra Firma"Australia
Kerry Kean "New River Guitarism"USA
Jean Redpath "Will Ye No Come Back Again?"Scotland
V/A "Dhachaigh / Home: The Murdo Macfarlane Songbook"Scotland
V/A "People and Songs of the Sea"Scotland
The Paul McKenna Band "Between Two Worlds"Scotland
Alan Reid & Rob van Sante "The Rise and Fall o’ Charlie"Scotland
Katharina Hess & Tibor Szücs "Blockflöte und Gitarre"Germany
CD Reviews in English - Page 3
Stefano Corsi "Trails for Celtic Harp"Italy
Whisky Trail "The White Goddess"Italy
Paul Armfield "Blood, Fish and Bone"USA
Ken Campbell’s Ideal Band "Ken Campbell’s Ideal Band"Scotland
Lau "Arc Light"Scotland
Sofia Karlsson "Söder om kärleken"Sweden
Adrianne Greenbaum "Fleytmuzik in kontsert"USA
Mel d’oro Quintet "Mel d’oro Quintet"Germany
She’koyokh klezmer ensemble "Buskers ballroom"England
Kapelush "Kapelush"Austria
Christer Lundh "Di gamlaste bidana"Sweden
Gina le Faux "In my life"Scotland
Troy Donockley "The madness of crowds"England
The Use of Ashes "White Nights Glowing Lights"Netherlands
Trailerpark Idlers "The power of the lord will set us free and will be…"Sweden
The Toy Hearts "When I cut loose"England
Count to Fire "Songs that remind me of you"England
Griff trio "Astragu"Belgium
Zackenflanke "Remixtum"Germany
Giora Feidman & Gershwin Quartet "Klezmer & Strings"Argentina
James Hill & Anne Davison "True love don’t weep"Canada
Ulaş Hazar "Virtuoso"Turkey
Bassa "Berlin tango"Germany
Makis Ablianitis "Kismet"Greece
Duane Andrews "Raindrops"Canada
Clive Carroll "Life in colour"England
Jürgen Saalmann "Aufbruch"Germany
David Essig & Rick Scott "Double vision"Canada
Three-ality "T’minne"Netherlands
Tummel "Payback time"Sweden
Grannar "Sofiagatan"Sweden
Gogol Bordello
CD Reviews in English - Page 4

Hot Club of Cowtown "Wishful thinking"USA
Casey Joe Abair and Hunter Robertson "If you want to go to sleep, go to bed"USA
Joe Iadanza "Traveling Salesman"USA
The Gibson Brothers "Ring the bell"USA
Bob Cheevers "Tall Texas Tales"USA
Craig Bickhardt "Brother to the Wind"USA
Beth Wimmer "Miracle Girl"USA
Shiner Twins "Southern Belles"Netherlands
Dare Dukes "Prettiest Transmitter of All"USA
Boister "Some moths drink the tears of elephants"USA
Massimo Ferrante "Jamu"Italy
Dave Rawlings Machine "A Friend of a Friend"USA
John Kruth "Splitsville"USA
Tribecastan "Strange cousin"USA
Gattamolesta "Czeleste"Italy
Melech mechaya "Budja ba"Portugal
?Shmaltz "Welcome to Malwonia"Germany
Kottarashky "Opa Hey!"Bulgaria
V/A "Balkan Grooves"Various
V/A "Balkan Beats - A Night in Berlin"Various
Düzgun Celebi "Lichtermeer"Turkey
Karl Skaarup "Musiker"Denmark
Svøbsk "En klang af tidløshed"Denmark
Over Sundet "Over Sundet"Denmark
Wardruna "Runaljod – Gap var ginnunga"Norway
Valravn "Koder på snor"Denmark
Suden Aika "Armas"Finland
Les Triaboliques "Rivermudtwilight"England
La Talvera "Sopac & Patac"France
Kroke "Out of Sight"Poland
Stockholm Lisboa Project "Diagonal"Sweden/Portugal
Tsuumi Soundsystem "Growing up"Finland
CD Reviews in English - Page 5

Oliver Schroer "Camino"Canada
Watermelon Slim "Escape from the chicken coop"USA
Victor Wainwright and the Wildroots "Beale Street to the Bayou"USA
Peter Cooper "Cautionary Tales"USA
Mike Brosnan "Another Song for the Road"New Zealand
Ballroomquartet "Ballroomquartet"Belgium
Soname "Plateau"Tibet
KTU "Quiver"Finland
Kahiba "Global Dialects"Austria
Matt Flinner Trio "Music du jour"USA
George Papavgeris "Looking both ways"Greece
Duo Topolino "Swiodeschka"Germany
Haig Yazdjian "Amalur"Greece
Ustad Ali Ahmad Hussain Khan & Party "Serenity"India
Lalgudi Vijayalashmi, Mala Chandrashekar & Jaishree Jairaj "Vadhya Sunadha Pravaham"India
Berg- und Talfahrt "A Night in Sana’a"Germany
Julian Gaskell and his Trousered Philanthropists "Here the brute harpies make their nests"England
V/A "Beyond Istanbul 2"Turkey
Martina Eisenreich "Wundergeige"Germany
The Klezmatics "Wonderwheel"USA
K.C. McKanzie "Dryland"Germany
Danny O’Flaherty "He believes in me"Ireland
Galant, tu perds ton temps "Chansons traditionnelles a cappella"France
Lupa Luna "Le ciel est au bout"Belgium
Valkyrien Allstars "Valkyrien Allstars"Norway
Linda Griffiths "Storm nos"Wales
Trio Aubergine "Neglected violet"Netherlands
Werner Lämmerhirt "Zeitreise"Germany
Rashanim "The Gathering"USA
Dan King "Western color"USA
Vic Chesnutt "Skitter on Take-off"USA
Brave Old World
CD Reviews in English - Page 6

Notty’s Jug Serenaders "Welcome to the Saint"Switzerland
Lemmy Constantine "Indifference"USA
Minne Graw "Ausgeträumt"Germany
James Yorkston & the Big Eyes Family Players "Folk songs"Scotland
Umnachter Project "Schall und Rauch"Austria
Jackie Tice "Morningsky Drum Song"USA
Jump 4 Joy "Tasty"Sweden
Mazzeltov & Rolinha Kross "Mayn umru"Netherlands
Xarnege "Ixo.sho"France/Spain
Aeschbacher "X Solo"Switzerland
Soyka Stirner "Tanz"Austria
Deux Accords Diront "Eisherz"Belgium
Bern, Rodach & Brody "Triophilia"USA
V/A "Ein Abend für Rasmus Storm"Denmark
Zugluft "13 collagen für U"Switzerland
Jienat "Mira"Norway
The Wishing Tree "Ostara"USA/Britain
Catie Curtis "Hello Stranger"USA
John Jones "Rising Road"England
Dan Krikorian "Colors and Chords"USA
J.D. Souther "Rain – Live at the Belcourt Theatre"USA
Georg Schroeter & Marc Breitfelder "Sugar & Spice"Germany
Kieran Kane "Somewhere Beyond the Roses"USA
Jude Davison "Circo de Teatro"USA
V/A "La Route de la Soie – Silk Road"Various
Taschakor "Ravensnest"Germany
Grand Atlantic "How We Survive"Australia
Christine Lavin "Cold Pizza for Breakfast"USA
Allan Taylor "The Endless Highway"England
Samplers, EPs & Demo CDs: The Beer Mats, Plantec, Lindsay Sugden, Indies Scope 2009, Kirkelig Kulturverksted, 100% Music Songwriting ContestCzech Republic, England, France, Ireland, Norway

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CD Reviews in German - Page 1
Robert Metcalf "Vier Kerzen"England
Aranis "Songs from Mirage"Belgium
Basta! "Cycles"Belgium
Karoline de la Serna "Traduzca"Belgium
Eleftheria Arvanitaki "Mirame"Greece
Eläkeläiset "Humppabingo – The best of the Kings of Humppa!"Finland
Eilidh Mackenzie "Bel Canto"Scotland
Dieselknecht "Alte Liebe rostet nicht"Germany
Hey Negrita "Burn the Whole Place Down"England
Deitsch "Live in Rudolstadt 2009"Germany
Cowboys on Dope "Electric Sky"Germany
Willie Clancy "The Gold Ring"Ireland
The Popes ft. Shane MacGowan "Outlaw Heaven"England
V/A "Uncensored Folk Music of Austria"Austria
Steve Skaith "Latin Quarter Revisited"England
Fidil "3"Ireland
McCalmans "The Greentrax Years"Scotland
Kannemann "Von Liebe und Kanaken"Germany
Kannemann "Flache Wasser sind still"Germany
Leiermann & Elfenklang "Loar Nevez"Germany
Gambrinus "Eyah!"Germany
Tom Byrne "Tom Byrne"Ireland
Mick Moloney "If It Wasn't for the Irish and the Jews"Ireland
Bleibende Schäden "Vintage Karma"Germany
Martin Sommer "Chansons"Germany
Tritorn "Sonne, Mond und Sterne"Germany
Andrew White "Traces of Silver"England
Eugene Ruffolo "Even Santa Gets the Blues"USA
Cristina Branco "Kronos"Portugal
Rodrigo y Gabriela "Live in Japan"Mexico
Wiener Tschuschenkapelle
CD Reviews in German - Page 2

Carl Nelkin "The little trees are weeping"Ireland
Klezmer Juice 2 "Yiddish Lidele"USA
Adam Hill "Them Dirty Roads"USA
Mnozilbrass "What are you doing the rest of your life"Austria
Joe Crookston "Able Baker Charlie and Dog"USA
Hank Woji "Medallion"USA
Hank Woji "American Dream"USA
Firefall Acoustic "From Colorado to Liverpool"USA
Jenee Halstead "The River Grace"USA
Ulf Meyer, Martin Wind, Jan-Peter-Klöpfel "Fjord Skies"Germany
Michio "Así Nada más"Germany
Rotfront "Emigrantski Raggamuffin"Germany
Maria de Barros "Morabeza"Cape Verdes
The Shin "Black Sea Fire"Georgia
Kalio Gayo "Mei Ti Sera Foun"Netherlands
Madredeus & A Banda Cosmica "Metafonia"Portugal
Luz Casal "La Pasión"Spain
Puntilla y el Conjunto Toto Rumbero "A Tribute to Gonzalo Asencio"Cuba
V/A "Polska Rootz"Poland
Mi Loco Tango "Il Cinema: Il Paradiso!"Germany
Tamikrest "Adagh"Mali
Carlos Moscardini "Horizonte Infinito"Argentina
Hindi Zahra "Handmade"Morocco
Mahsa Vahdat & Mighty Sam McClain "Scent of Reunion"USA/Iran
Del Castillo "Del Castillo"USA
Lenga Lenga "L Teçtemunho"Portugal
V/A "Django's Spirit - A Tribute to Django Reinhardt"Germany
Snorre Schwarz "Petit Berlinois"Germany
Otto Groote Ensemble "De anner Steens an d' Heven"Germany
Värttinä "25"Finland
Manuel Normal "De Wöd steht nimma laung"Austria
Hubert von Goisern
CD Reviews in German - Page 3

Das Blaue Einhorn "Wo find ich meine Seele"Germany
Das Blaue Einhorn "Übersetzen – Gesänge auf schwankendem Boden"Germany
Susan McKeown & Lorin Sklamberg "Saints & Tzadiks" USA
Andrea Pancur "Federmentsh – Lider fun Yiddishland"Germany
Roland Heinrich "Lichterloh"Germany
V/A "Come O Spirit!"USA
Rosanne Cash "The List"USA
Steep Canyon Rangers "Deep In The Shade"USA
Darren Deicide "The Jersey Devil is here"USA
Iona Leigh "Beside the Waves of Time"Australia
David & Steve Gordon "Drum Cargo – Rhythms of Fire"USA
Hanjo Butscheidt "Leech"Germany
Nia Morgan "Nia Morgan"Wales
Tas Cru "Grizzle n´ Bone"Canada
The Moon and the Nightspirit "Ösforrás"Hungary
Vroudenspil "Lunte gerochen"Germany
Scarlatti Tilt "Gathering of the Haunted"England
Songdogs "Restless no more"Germany
Dan Arborise "Of Tide and Trail"England
Marc Benno "I Got It Bad!"USA
The Radio Kings "The Radio Kings"USA
Wolfgang Buck "asu werd des nix"Germany
Crazy Chris Kramer "…unterwegs"Germany
Kimon & the Prophets "Roadhouse Party"USA
Anselmo Crew "Sex and Violence"Hungary
Colin Hay "American Sunshine"USA
Gwennyn "Mammenn (Matrice)"France
MaCajun "Allumée"Germany
Los Paperboys "Callithump"Canada
Triskilian "Birkenhain"Germany
Ernst Molden Band
CD Reviews in German - Page 4

Van Langen "Zeytreise"Germany
Zurbügg "jetzt"Switzerland
Zurbügg "best of yodel 99 - 09"Switzerland
Rapalje "Spades"Netherlands
Rapalje "Diamonds"Netherlands
Rapalje "Live"Netherlands
Anthony Crawford "Five is Red" USA
Arne Heger "Andere Richtung…"Germany
Klau! "Unterwegs nach Leipzig"Germany
Chloe Hall "Outside"Australia
Amelia Curran "Hunter Hunter"Canada
Apryl Allen "Shape Shifter"USA
Heidenspass "Reise zur anderen Welt"
Paul Staunton "Between you and me"Ireland
The Aberlour’s "Save the last Drop"Germany
West of Eden "The West of Eden Travelogue"Sweden
Erich Schmeckenbecher "Aquarium"Germany
The Elders "Gael Day"USA
Hiesix "Neue Klänge auf vergessenen Volksinstrumenten aus der alten Schweiz"Switzerland
6 Day Riot "…have a Plan"England
Narrenschwamm "Far Du Gauch"Germany
Hilary York "In the Dark"USA
The Cedar "I’m always explaining to Mom how it is different here"England
Robert Oberbeck "Ghosts"Germany
Robert Oberbeck "Light the Place of Darkness"Germany
Bosque Brown "Baby"USA
Drachenmond "Marktgeschrey"Germany
John & Rachel Nicholas "Here you are"USA
Charlie Faye "Wilson St."USA
Handstreych "30 Jahre"Germany
Inneke23 & The Lipstick Painters "Charcoal"Belgium
CD Reviews in German - Page 5

Darko Rundek & Cargo Orkestar "Live in Youth-Club Belgrade"Croatia
The Leisure Society "The Sleeper"England
Keith Miles "Beyond the Headlights"USA
Phrytz "Die letzten Singles der Stadt"Germany
Vivid Curls "Lebenstanz"Germany
Astrid Swan & The Drunk Lovers "Better than Wages"USA
Vince Melamed "What matters most"USA
Alberta Cross "Broken Side of Time"USA
Monsters of Liedermaching "Das Auge hört mit"Germany
Schelmish "Die hässlichen Kinder"Germany
Jimmy Rae "Deliverance"England
Marianne Green "Dear Irish Boy"Ireland
BarthRoemer "Gewöhn dich dran"Germany
Abby Parks "The Homeplace"USA
Saltatio Mortis "Wer Wind saet"Germany
Dala "Everyone is someone"Canada
Deleyaman "Fourth part one"France
Julie Feeney "Pages"Ireland
Stefanie Riecker "und meiner Seele FLÜGEL"Germany
Rhett Miller "Rhett Miller"USA
Pascal Lefeuvre Compagnie "Zanzibar"France
LaBrassBanda "Übersee"Germany
Tim Bragg "Waiting for the Light"England
Funny Van Dannen "Saharasand"Germany
Billy Lavender "Memphis Livin'"USA
Acoustic Ocean "Light Returning"USA
Groove Corporation "Record Prophets"Canada
LéOparleur "Faut du Rêve"France
Still Sirene "A Long Way Down"Germany
Nora Thiele "Modern oriental frame drums"Germany
Bettysoo "Heat Sin Water Skin"USA
Sampler, EPs & Demo-CDs: Lunar Youth, Alan PownallEngland

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