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Letters to the Editors

Dutch Folksong

I was born in the Netherlands and my parents went to Australia in 1952. They have both passed away but have left us with many wonderful memories of our childhood. They both loved singing and taught us children many old Dutch songs. But we aren't getting any younger either and have started writing down the words to as many songs we can remember. One of them in particular was very popular also with old aunts and uncles, and it was called "wat waren wij voorheen tevreden, in ons dierbaar ouderhuis, etc

Unfortunately most of the words have been forgotten and we are unable to find them anywhere. Would you have any knowledge of where they could be found please or would you know (about) the song? Hope you can help and I certainly would appreciate a reply thank you.

Morten Alfred Hoirup

Regards, Mary Boerebach

You may contact Mary through FolkWorld.

Danish Roots

Congratulation: The latest version of looks even better than they use to, and we find your great work pretty impressing up here in the 'cool' Copenhagen. We are very happy with the result, and we just love the idea of having articles in German, English and Danish as well.

Best Wishes, Morten Alfred H°irup (Danish Roots)

Tony Bennett

Dear Folkworld. In your article about Johnny Coppin and Mike Silver you wrote:

You might know Coppin as one of the founding members of Decameron, a successful band in the seventies. He released his first solo album in 1978 and formed a band with Phil Beer, Tony Bennett amongst others.
Please do be aware that the Tony Bennett you refer to above is not this Tony Bennett, but me. I am anex-guitarist who played guitar with Johnny on his album No Going Back and played a few gigs with him between 1978 and 1982. I now reside in Australia and work as an engineer. I'm sure that the real Tony Bennett (as linked above) wouldn't even know who Johnny Coppin was! I suggest you remove the reference to me. No-one has heard of me and it would be a mistake to link Johnny with a 70-year old jazz singer!!!

Tony Bennett (Como, Perth, Western Australia)

Phyllis Sinclair: Fathomless Tales from Leviathan's Hole

Hi Folkworld. Thank you very much for reviewing my cd "Fathomless Tales from Leviathan's Hole" and for promoting folk and independent music. With the review, I was very encouraged to see that there are those who, like me, still believe in compassion and heart. Thanks again.

Phyllis Sinclair

German Letters

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