FolkWorld Issue 37 11/2008

Letters to the Editors

Captain Kidd

I know I am very out of date, but in research about Captain Kidd I came across your 12/2006 review on Tempest singing 'Captain Kidd', where your reviewer says "the tune is robbed buccaneer-like from 'Sam Hall'/'Ye Jacobites'", but in that the reviewer makes an historical error.

Tempest does in fact play a historical tune for 'Captain Kidd' except they've added a chorus like a bridge. The oldest copy of the lyrics for 'Ye Jacobites' 1746 had printed on them "to be sung to the tune of Captain Kidd". Captain Kidd 1701 was originally sung to the tune of Jack Hall 1700. Sam Hall 1849 is a much later musical hall version of Jack Hall 1700. For full detail see my website on the subject of the music for 'Captain Kidd'.

But thank you for your reviews. David Kidd

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