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Dan, Göttingen, Februar 2007
CD-Rezensionen in Deutsch - Seite 1
Dave Alvin "West of the West"USA
Biella Nuei "Sol d’iberno"Spain
Siggi Stern "Siam Bruder"Germany
Catherine Howe "Princelet street"England
Los Gigantes "Mexicali - Milwaukee"Germany
Tracy Grammer "Flower of Avalon"USA
Blue Jar "Ducks & Geese"England
Gina Sicilia "Allow me to Confess"USA
Trillke Trio "Abfahrt"Germany
Helmut Eisel und Band "Klezmer at the Cotton Club"Germany
La Tana "Tú, ven a mi"Spain
Rainald Grebe "Das Robinson Crusoe Konzert"Germany
Rainald Grebe & Die Kapelle der Versöhnung "Volksmusik"Germany
Kelpie "Var det du - var det deg?"Germany
Edyta Geppert & Kroke "Spiewam zycie - I Sing Life"Poland
Bannal "Bho Dhorn gu Dorn"Scotland
Herbert Bartmann "Temmi"Germany
Jonatha Brooke "Careful What You Wish For"USA
Niall Vallely, Paul Meehan, Caoimhin Vallely "Buille"Ireland
Deering & Down "Break this Record"USA
Morgan Finlay "Shifting Through the Breakers"Canada
Eric Fish "Gegen den Strom"Germany
Tom Freund and Co. "Sweet Affection"USA
Tom Freund "No Turning Back"USA
A Glezele Vayn "feynherb"Germany
Iontach "Jiggin' It"Germany/Ireland
Th' Legendary Shack Shakers "Swampblood"USA
Áine Minogue "Celtic Meditation Music"USA
Áine Minogue "Celtic Lamentation"USA
Okkervil River "The Stage Names"USA
Ougenweide "Ungezwungen"Germany
Ougenweide "Fryheit / Ousflug"Germany
Ougenweide "Ja-Markt / Noch aber ist April"Germany
Soig Siberil "Lammat ..."France
ulman, folkBALTICA 2007
CD-Rezensionen in Deutsch - Seite 2

Olaf Sickmann "Reise nach Neuseeland"Germany
Steve Skaith Band "Imaginary Friend"England
Gina Villalobos "Miles Away"USA
Bek-Jean Stewart "Junior Years"Australia
The Redlands Palomino Company "Take Me Home"England
Paul Reinig "Kinder unserer Stadt"Germany
Asylum Street Spankers "Mommy Says No!"USA
Pit Budde & Josephine Kronfli "Gute Nacht Kinder in aller Welt"Germany
Damian Clarke "The River Wherever"England
Sangesfolk "Wunjo"Germany
V/A "Doom & Gloom"USA
V/A "Pays de Galles - Welsh Music"Wales
V/A "Six Strings North of the Border"Canada
V/A "Summertime Blues"USA
Brian Keane "The War That Made America"USA
V/A "Sidewalk Songs & City Stories - New Urban Folk"USA
V/A "Creative Outlaws - US Underground 1962-1970"USA
Kimya Dawson "Remember that I Love You"USA
Jack Beusch "D’Wält dreht sich witer"Switzerland
Fabula "Panta Rhei"Germany
Siàn James "Y Ferch o Bedlam"Wales
Fairport Convention "Sense of Occasion"England
Tiny Vipers "Hands across the Void"USA
Luka Bloom "Innocence"Ireland
Luka Bloom "Tribe"Ireland
Gillebrìde MacMillan "Thogainn ort fonn"Scotland
No Fixed Abode "Clearwater"England
Goo Birds Flight "Villains and Brides"Germany
The Alexandria Kleztet "Close Enough for Klezmer"USA
Mary Greene "Sea of Hearts"Ireland
Gwenan Gibbard "Y Gwenith Gwynnaf"Wales
Phil Kuys "Isn’t It Time"Canada
Phil Kuys "Once More"Canada
Galahad "Ladhivan"Germany
Dave Gross "Take the Gamble"USA
Andy Irvine in Tonder
CD-Rezensionen in Deutsch - Seite 3

Dun Aengus "Bright Morning Star"Germany
The Tim Edey Band "Farrago"England
Christine Lavin "FolkZinger"USA
Mandolinquents "Dance of the Comedians"England
Bagad Kemper "Collection"Britanny/France
The McDades "Bloom"Canada
Nomad Soundsystem "Oriental Electronics"Germany
Uncle Monk "Uncle Monk"USA
The JW-Jones Blues Band "Kissing in 29 Days"Canada
Tim Dennehy "Old Boots and Flying Sandals"Ireland
Zentralquartett "11 Songs – Aus Teutschen Landen"Germany
Ted Russel Kamp "Divisadero"USA
Disneyband "Touha City"Czech Republic
Reynardine "The Hare’s Dream"Ireland
Whistling to the Bird "Road to Lisdoonvarna"Germany
Alastair Moock "Fortune Street"USA
Aranmore "Ancient Stones"England
And Did Those Feet "Forgetting the Shadows of History"Wales
Broadlahn "…vom Rande der Welt"Austria
Dao Strom "Send Me Home"USA
Colinda "The Good Times Are Killing Me"Germany
Lisa Haley "All the Way Live!"USA
Watermelon Slim and the Workers "The Wheel Man"USA
Karan Casey "Chasing the Sun"Ireland
Tiger Willi "Papageil"Germany
Colin Linden "Easin’ back to Tennessee"Canada
Nonstop R & J Country-Band "Get back to the Roots"Switzerland
Mike Therieau "Living from a Suitcase"USA
Good Mush "Auf den Hund gekommen"Germany/USA
John Stewart "The Day the River Sang"USA
Janina "Yeah Yeah"Germany
Eric Andersen "Waves"USA
V/A "Christmas Around the World"Various
Canned Heat "Christmas Album"USA
The Choir of Benedictine Nuns of the Abbey of Regina Laudis "Women in Chant: The Announcement of Christmas"USA
Demos: Jamaram, Santeria & The Porn Horns Germany

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St Patrick's Day Celebration Festival Session
CD Reviews in English - Page 1
Burgess, Ådin & Wingård "Doggerland"England/Norway
Julie Fowlis "cuilidh"Scotland
V/A "The Beginners Guide to World Acoustic"Various
Duane Andrews "Crocus"Canada
Svøbsk "Sig mig"Denmark
if wen "Take a look at the sea"England
Sussie Nielsen "Day is dawning"Denmark/Irish
Acetre "Canto de gamusinos"Spain
Acetre "Barrunto"Spain
La Talvera "Bramadis"France
La Talvera "Cants e musicas del pais de lodeva"France
Musicanti del Piccolo Borgo "musicaMusicanti"Italy
Niamh Parsons & Graham Dunne "Live at Fylde"Ireland
Niamh Parsons with Graham Dunne "The Old Simplicity"Ireland
Chris Stout Quintet "Devil's Advocate"Scotland
Andy Wittle "A songmaker's tale"England
Rebecca Clamp "Nocturnal Leap"England
The Red Flags "Hundreds of Sunshine"England
Pulco "Sorepaw"England
The Cast "greengold"Scotland
Dàimh "crossing point"Scotland/Ireland/Canada
V/A "Soffi d'ancia - Decennale del Festival "Pifferi, muse e zampogne"Italy
Finlay MacDonald Band "reecho"Scotland
Rosapaeda "Mater"Italy
Waking the Witch "Boys from the abattoir"England
Kroke "Seventh trip"Poland
Huun-Huur Tu DVD "Live in Munich"Tuva
Sharron Kraus et al. "Right wantonly a-mumming" England
Kitaro "Spiritual garden"Japan
Eric Bibb "Diamond days"USA
Moscow Art Trio, folkBALTICA 2007
CD Reviews in English - Page 2
Kate Campbell "Blues and lamentations"USA
Massimo Ferrante "Ricuordi"Italy
V/A "Repentistas Nordestinos" Brazil
Chieko Mori "Katyou fuugetsu"Japan
Arto Tuncboyaciyan "Every day is a new life"Turkey
Francesco Banchini "Baqshish"Italy
Mallem abdenbi el Gadari"Bambara"Marrakech
Jon Byrd "Byrd's auto parts" USA
Sivan Perwer "Min bëriya te kiriye"Kurdistan
Tenore de Onifero San Gavino "E Prite tottu custu"Italy
Erin McKeown "Sing you sinners"USA
The Crooked Jades "World's on fire"USA
Gabriel Rios "Ghostboy"Puerto Rico / Belgium
Jeff Talmadge "At least that much was true "USA
Hazmat Modine "Bahamut"USA
JJ Grey & Mofro "Country ghetto"USA
Ciaran Dorris "Chasing dreams down a dirty road "Northern Ireland/Scotland
Lucineh Hovanissian "Vem"Armenia
Guido Ponzini "Twilight town"Italy
Äl Jawala "Lost in manele"Germany
A.R. Rahman "Pray for me brother"Pakistan
Mohanders "End of our lies" Germany
Sidh "Lila"Algeria / Italy
Angelite "Mysteries"Bulgaria
Martha Tilston "Of milkmaids & architects"England
Niniwe "Live in concert"Germany
Nomad soundsystem "Nomad soundsystem"Germany
Jacanda "Back to the sky"UK
Amador Kino & son ensemble "Foeman Table"Burkina Faso
Markowski "Family café"Germany / Netherlands
Etno Histria '06,
CD Reviews in English - Page 3
Irene Budweiserova "Nobody's fault"Czech Republic
Koa "Koa"Czech Republic
Jablkon "Oslava"Czech Republic
Danaj "Janicku nas, Janku "Czech Republic
Vilde Katshke "Flign mit a nign"Netherlands / Klezmer
Billy Cobham "Drum'n' voice 2"USA
Joe Goldmark "Seducing the 60's"USA
Pekah "Tuff gong blues"France
Orkiestra Sw. Mikolaja I Kapela Romana kumtyka Czeremosz "Huculskie muzyki"Poland
Mark T "Where are you going?"England
Cornemuse Consort Coelln "Schnappschlag"Germany
Pjotr Leschenko "Gloomy Sunday"Russia
Arabanda "Shams"Belgium
Tunng "Comments of the inner chorus"UK
Rosie Thomas "If songs could be held"USA
Luvas Verdes "Fandango Desperados"Spain - Galicia
Iron and Wine "Boy with a Coin"USA
Kashu "Breeze"Germany
Gayane "He brings you flowers"France
Dan Treanor & African Wind "Mercy"USA
Streif "Nordic Winter"Norway
Russ Barenberg "When At Last"USA
Sons of the Desert "The Big Bamboo"Germany
Peter Ludwig "Dahin geträumt"Germany
Færd "Logbok"Denmark
Balou "Prophets of the Iron Age"Germany
The Wilders "Throw down"USA
The Ambassadors "The Ambassadors"Austria
Daniel Moore "The Giveaway"USA
Qntal "Silver Swan"Germany
Lunasa, photo by Tom Keller
CD Reviews in English - Page 4

Orchestra Bailam "Non Occidentalizzarti"Italy
V/A "Frelik, Sher un Khusidl"Ukraine
Yeshe "World Citizen"Germany
Brazilliance "Everyone loves Brazil"USA
Klezzmates "Klezzmates"Poland
Vayo Raimondo "Tango legends"Uruguay
Howard Leshaw "Bronx"USA
Nybbl "The path from a point is in the shape of a heart"USA
Marlui Miranda and Ravi "Neuneu humanity"Brazil/Britain
Kieran Kane, Kevin Welch & Fats Kaplin "Lost John Dean"USA
Kevin Mitchell "All the way"Canada
Pine Leaf Boys "La musique"USA
Pitu Pati "Mondlandler"Germany
Drymbago "Dyddiauda"Wales
Kila & Oki "Kila & Oki"Ireland / Japan
Kila "Gambler's Ballet"Ireland
Sylvia Barnes "The Colour of Amber"Scotland
Geoff Berner "The Wedding Dance of the Widow Bride"Canada
Blowzabella "Octomento"England
Paul Brock & Enda Scahill "Humdinger"Ireland
Maire Ni Chathasaigh & Chris Newman "FireWire"Ireland
Colman Connolly, Tobi Kurig, Franziska Urton "Blue"Ireland/Germany
Cruinniu "Live in Corofin"Ireland
Tommie Cunniffe "Unbuttoned"Ireland
Edel Sullivan "In the Time of"Ireland
Heather Dale "The Road to Santiago"Canada
Dalla "Rooz"England
Diskreetse Mango Trio "Prigadi-Pragadi"Estonia
Fribo "The Ha' of Habrahellia"Norway/Scotland
Frank Harte "There's Gangs of Them Digging"Ireland
Kraja, folkBALTICA 2007
CD Reviews in English - Page 5
Kieran Fahy "Man from the West"Ireland
Charlie Lennon "Turning the Tune"Ireland
Diarmuid O'Brien "Cairde Cairdin"Ireland
Athena Tergis "A Letter Home"USA
Gregor Borland "Bowstroke"Scotland
Kevin Henderson, Jenna Reid, Kevin Mackenzie "Da Hömin"Scotland
Terri Hendrix "The Spiritual Kind"USA
Peter Horan & Gerry Harrington "The Merry Love to Play"Ireland
John Wynne & John McEvoy "Pride of the West"Ireland
Horses Brawl "Dindirin"England
Sharon Hussey "Inisheer"Ireland
Sofia Karlsson "Visor från Vinden"Sweden
Kasir "Reel Irish"Denmark
LAU "Lightweights & Gentlemen"Scotland
Leahy "Live from Gatineau, Quebec"Canada
Stuart Liddell "Inveroran"Scotland
Jenny McCormick "English Country Garden"England
Joe Burke, Brian Conway & Felix Dolan "A Tribute to Andy McGann"Ireland
McDermott's 2 Hours "Goodbye to the Madhouse"England
Christy McNamara "The House I Was Reared In"Ireland
Mimi Burns Band "I know you're out there..."USA
Linde Nijland "Sings Sandy Danny"Netherlands
Padraic O'Reilly "Highly Strung!"Ireland
The Outside Track "The Outside Track"Scotland/Ireland/England/Canada
The Sensational Jimi Shandrix Experience "Electric Landlady"Scotland
Show of Hands "Witness"England
Martin Simpson "Prodigal Son"England
Slide "Overneath"Ireland
Stockholm Lisboa Project "Sol"Sweden/Portugal
Urban Trad "Erbalunga"Belgium
John McSherry, Irish Spring Festival 2007
CD Reviews in English - Page 6
June Tabor "Apples"England
Deirdre Starr "By the way....."Ireland
Väsen "Linnaeus Väsen"Sweden
Rudi Zapf & Ingrid Westermeier "From Ireland to Spain"Germany
V/A "Sowing the Seds"USA
V/A "Rock'n'Reel - UN-HERD... Volume 5"Britain
"Mise Éire" [DVD Video]Ireland
"Saoirse?" [DVD Video]Ireland
"Four American Roots Music Films by Yasha Aginsky"USA
Hands On Strings "Offroad"Germany
Andi Neate "Paper Animals"Scotland
Catriona McKay & Chris Stout "Laebrack"Scotland
V/A "Folkwit Records Sampler #1"England
Cara Dillon "After The Morning"Ireland
Matt Keen "One Stroke Down"England
Lehto & Wright "The Thrashing Machine"USA
Faust "Vildsint"Sweden
Eamon Friel "Here Is The River"Ireland
Joe Dolce "The Wind Cries Mary"USA
Little Windows "Just Beyond Me"USA
Tom Clelland "Life Goes On"Scotland
The Shin "EgAri"Georgia
V/A "Gamelan of Central Java VIII - Court music treasures"Java
V/A "Gamelan of Central Java IX - Songs of wisdom and love"Java
Uun Budiman & The Jugala Gamelan Orchestra "Banondari"Java
Ustad Shahid Parvez "Kushal"India
Ustad Shujaat Husain Khan "Gayaki Ang"India
Lalgudi G Jayaraman "Violin Soul"India
Lalgudi GJR Krishnan & Lalgudi J Vijayalakshmi "Bow to the Violins"India
Nadaka & The Basavaraj Brothers "Living Colours"Canada/India
The Babylon Arabic Band "Samra"Iraq/Scotland
Fred J. Eaglesmith "Milly's Cafe"USA

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