FolkWorld Issue 32 12/2006; Live Report by Adolf Goriup

Otto Lechner & Arnaud Méthivier
Theater Ticino Wädenswil, 14 April 2006

Otto Lechner, accordion player and composer, is one of the most interesting musicians I ever met. His work with Guy Klucevsek's "Accordion Tribe" as well as his other projects has earned him a great reputation within the music scene. His wonderful film music as well as his fascinating solo CDs and his work with artists like Arnaud Méthivier are perfect samples of musical creativity.

Otto Lechner & Arnaud Méthivier, photo by Adolf Goriup Nano Méthivier started his musical career with Marcel Kanché in the early 80ies. He worked with different singers and musicians before he met Otto Lechner. This meeting and Lechner's solo CD "Accordionata" initialised this astounding cooperation.

Méthivier plays a Piermaria chromatic accordion, while Lechner sticks to an old Hohner piano accordion. Both instruments produce a wonderful sound and the two brilliant musicians managed to play 75 minutes of the most beautiful music without any interruption. Their music seems to be mostly impromptu and one musical theme leads to the other.

The accordions played melancholic melodies as well as breathtaking solos and dramatic bass lines. Noises from the audience have been answered immediately by a musical response. The two musicians created a sound like a full band, especially when Lechner used his accordion as a percussion instrument.

I've seen Otto Lechner before in the music film "Accordion Tribe" and once he came for a solo concert to Zürich. This time I had the great pleasure to listen to a musical artwork for two accordions and it was a fascinating journey through a world of sound and music.

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Photo Credit: Otto Lechner & Arnaud Méthivier (by Adolf Goriup).

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