Issue 22 6/2002

The FolkWorld Editorial

Once again some of you might have thought, why the hell has the new FolkWorld not come out yet, when will No. 22 finally be out, does FolkWorld still exist at all. Well as you can see FolkWorld is indeed still alive; it has taken so long again because the FolkWorld editors have to juggle also their lifes outside the Folk-World - as this magazine is still a pure, but very time consuming hobby, coming on top of finalising thesis or PHD, looking for a job and finding time to enjoy a bit of private life...

Those of you who have never administered such a comprehensive project on the Internet might think that putting up a website is the easiest and quickest thing in the world. What IS now actually the job of the editors cum webmasters?
Well first of all they have to compile all material that comes in for the issue, put that into web format (a time consuming job actually), then put together news items, keeping the mailing list up to date, write own reviews and articles... then there is FROG, where for each issue all reviews and articles are added manually into the right categories... and of course the every day tasks, especially trying to answer the huge amount of e-mails arriving at FolkWorld. Then the FolkWorld team should be a bit catered for (at least that's what we are trying to do)... and principally there would be always more work to do - like improving the design, finding advertising clients, correcting the thousands of spelling and grammar mistakes - which never gets done... and all that without any payment. Another problem is that the two editors/webmasters of FolkWorld work from different geographical bases - one in Germany, the other in England...

... well all this lead to another late arrival of FolkWorld. But you can always be sure - there will be another issue of FolkWorld, it is just a question WHEN it will be...

Those who might be a bit more aware of what amount of work a project like FolkWorld produces, might think: How can those editors use their free time sitting in front of the computer putting together FolkWorld, while outside there is the most wonderful summer weather? Well if indeed somebody is nice enough to waste such a thought upon us @ FolkWorld, then I can only agree to that. This is also why I am now, with my work being done, go out and take advantage of the lovely summer out there. Who knows, maybe we meet at one of the many summer folk festivals around Europe?

In the name of the FolkWorld team,


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