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International Folk Festival
Tilburg 2001

The 2nd edition of this high profile festival in the Netherlands

Tilburg Festival Logo The Stichting International Folk Festival Tilburg presents in January for the second time in the Netherlands a big folk festival. Again, there is a clear focus on European music traditions in all its varieties, with some of the best bands of the folk/roots music genre being booked. More than 40 bands can be seen during those five days. This year the theme country is Portugal, and the thematic instrument the bagpipes.
FolkWorld is proud to be again partner of this new European folk music institution, presenting on this page the full programme of the feast.

The Festival Programme

17 - 18 - 19 - 20 - 21 January 2001
Tilburg in the Netherlands

Wednesday 17th January 2001

Lunchconcert: Mistoris (Be)
Theater Zaal 16; 12.00 u; f 10

Afternoon: Bruicolage & Polyson
Theater de Vorst 15.00 u f 10,-

Opening Evening:
Quatro Ventos (NL)
Adufe (Portugal)
Schouwburg Tilburg; 20.15 u; f 35 en f 40

Thursday 18th January 2001

Cool Fiddle; photo by The Mollis Cool Fiddle; photo by The Mollis

Lunchconcert: Moira (Be)
Theater Zaal 16; 12.00 u; f 10

Collin Offord (Austr)
Fernando Lameirinhas with big line-up and performance (Portugal)
Concertzaal Tilburg; 20.30 u; f 30

Kroegentocht/Pub Concerts:
Wè-nun Henk, Tinkers Drinkers Dreamers, Curling, The Very Girls & the watchman, born in a barn, trio kuipers, pigmeat, Fiddlehead
8 café's v.a. 22.00 uur, free

Late Night: Ana Muziekpodium Paradox; v.a. 23.00 u; free

Friday 19th January 2000

Lunchconcert: Troitsa (WitRusl.)
Theater Zaal 16; 12.00 u; f 10

het Brabantse lied / the song from Brabant:
Pater Moeskroen
Gerard van Maasakkers
Jace van de Ven
Dutch Pipes & Drums
Frits H. en de mexicano's
Vocaal Ensemble ODD
Peter Dictus
Schouwburg Tilburg; 20.15 u; f 30

Danu; photo by The Mollis

'Casa Portuguesa':
Frei Fado d´el Rei (Port)
Danças Ocultas (Port)
Gaiteiros de Lisboa (Port)
Mísia (Port)
013 Popcentrum zaal; 19.30 u; f 55,-

Saturday 20th January 2001

Workshop/Mastercall Bagpipes with Roelof Rosenthal & Stefan Timmermans
Muziekpodium Paradox; 13.00 - 17.00 u; f 25

Xose Manuel Budino; photo by The Mollis ‘The Celtic Connection’
DANÚ (Irel)
Colin Offord (Aust)
Alan Stivell (Bret)
Ogham (NL)
Xosé Manuel Budiño (Gal)
013 Popcentrum;18.00 u; f 50,-

Sunday 21st January 2001

‘New Folk Adventure’
Wouter Vandenabeele with guests Project (Flanders)
Kimmo Pohjonen (Fin)
Companyia Elèctrica Dharma (Catalonia)
Troissoeur (Belgium)
Hungarian Hurdy Gurdy & Bagpipe Orchestra (Hungary)
Wood, Wilson & Carthy (UK)
Cadans der Getouwen (Nl/Be)
HEVIA (Spain)
013 Popcentrum; 14.00 u; f 45,-

Venues and addresses for advance booking

Tilburg Festival Logo

Partners of the International Folk Festival

a. Portugese Ambassade, Den Haag
b. Cultural Ministry Portugal
c. Gabinete das Relações Internacionais Portugal
d. Instituto Português da Arte Cinematografica e Audiovisual
e. Instituto Português das Artes do Espctàculo
f. ICEP (Portugese Ambassade afd. Investeringen, Handel en Toerisme)
g. Etnia - Cultura e Dessenvolvimento Portugal
h. Instituto Camões
d. Ministry of National Cultural Heritage, Budapest, Hungary

With support of:
Gemeente Tilburg
Province Noord-Brabant
Fonds van den Podiumkunsten
Prins Bernhard Fonds
VSB Fonds

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The musicians' photos are showing - from top to bottom - Danú and Xosé Manuel Budino.

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